Arrows of Desire (Even Gods Fall in Love #3) by Lynne Connolly

 When the God of Love falls for a nymph, all seven hells break loose.
Finished with the tutoring that taught him how to be an immortal, Edmund, otherwise known as Eros, steps off the packet onto English shores, and stumbles head over heels in love.There’s something different about Perdita Seaton and her secretive family, but for now a bigger dilemma looms. Revealing he’s the Duke of Kentmere could cut their courtship short. Yet abandoning his heritage means leaving his beloved sister at the mercy of the Titans.Even as Edmund steals Perdita’s breath with the speed at which he sweeps her down the aisle, she feels safe in the irresistible tide of passion. Her father, head of a smuggling empire, is Oceanus—and she is a nymph.Disaster strikes when Edmund races to London to rescue his sister, and doesn’t return. Desperate, Perdita follows him, only to find no light of
recognition in his eyes.Now she must choose. Admit defeat, or fight to break the enchantment keeping Edmund’s heart prisoner—and risk the wrath of a jealous goddess who’d be all too happy to snuff her out.

Warning: Contains a wedding night that transcends heaven, a mother-in-law from hell, and one Titanic case of amnesia.
 Even though this is book three in the series, it can be read as a stand-alone. Edmund, aka the God Eros, falls for Perdita, a nymph, even though there is a mystery surrounding her family. Pertita knows him as an immortal and is just as attracted to him. Edmund quickly marries her and then flees to help his sister against the Titans. Unfortunately, he doesn’t return and Perdita goes after him and finds that he doesn’t remember her or anything of their life.

I would call this a Mythological Romance. The backstory of the Gods and how Edmund came to be Eros is rich and full of intrigue. The attraction and love between Edmund and Perdita is intense and sweet all at the same time. She fights hard to break the enchantment holding Edmund hostage and bring him back to her.  Even though there are so many obstacles in her way, Perdita doesn’t give up – a testament to her true feelings for her love.

I really enjoyed this book, even though I didn’t know the back story of the first two in the series. If you enjoy mythology and romance, you would enjoy it, too.

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