A Taste of You by Irene Preston

 Hell’s Kitchen has nothing on the flames Giancarlo and Garrett ignite at Restaurant Ransom…Garrett Ransom is America’s hot chef du jour. He has a Michelin-starred  restaurant in New York City, a hit reality TV show, and a new man in his bed every week. Yes, he secretly thinks his business partner, Giancarlo “Carlo” Rotolo, is hotter than a ghost pepper, but he would never jeopardize their friendship with a fling. Then Garrett overhears some juicy gossip among the crew and realizes he’ll have to break Giancarlo’s cardinal rule, no banging the staff – for Carlo’s own good, of course. Just a taste of Carlo should be plenty. Long-term relationships aren’t on Garrett’s menu.Giancarlo’s been in love with Garrett forever. He’s sure Garrett will eventually realize they are destined to be more  than business partners. But when Garrett installs his latest boyfriend as their new chef d’cuisine and announces plans to leave Carlo in New York while he opens a second restaurant on the west coast, Carlo is forced to re-evaluate his life.

Can a high-strung British chef and a nice Italian boy from Brooklyn find the perfect fusion of fine-dining and family-style?



I’m honestly not sure what to say  about A Taste of You. I loved it and I hated it. It took me a long time to read, because every few pages, I would get ticked off enough at the characters that I would have to walk away.

So who are the characters. We have Garrett – famous chef who can’t do relationships because he never learned how. And Giancarlo, his partner who has loved Garrett for forever and yet has felt the man would never fall for him. One fated day…Garrett realizes he might feel a little more for his partner than he thought. The problem? Garrett sucks at relationships. He knows he sucks at relationships and that at some point, he’s going to screw this up. Even Carlo knows this. And yet…he welcomes the man he loves with open arms.

I will admit, I rooted for these two. And wanted to smack each one of them upside the head a few times. I think, for me, when a couple comes together, that if there is going to be sacrifice, that it needs to be on both sides. It felt like Carlo had to give everything up to be with Garrett. But that was author’s choice as she elected not to show what Garrett was doing at the time. The one thing that saved the story, was that Garrett revealed a little secret. After everything Carlo has been put through, I actually would have liked to see Garrett truly come to terms with a few things. But, still, overall, he did redeem himself with his pet and what he tried to do for Carlo.

So, for that, it gets 4 stars. I could have done with less angst though 🙂