A Second Chance Love by T.K. Paige

asecondchancelove_800 (1) Years after losing her husband, Kerri is surprised to find love again with the two men she never knew were there all along.

Two years ago when Kerri Johnston buried her husband Caleb after a tragic car accident, his best friends Kyle and Jacob came to her rescue. Taking her back to their ranch with them, they gave her a fresh start and a friendship she desperately needed. But after her grief has faded she realises her feelings for her two friends have changed. These men have sneaked into her heart and she doesn’t see how she can stay now.

Jacob Sullivan and Kyle Reardon have been lovers since high school. Kerri met them along with Caleb in college and has witnessed their commitment to each other first-hand. While she knows that they play with women occasionally, she knows that she could never live with being only temporary to them. When Kerri makes the decision to leave because watching them from the outside is becoming too painful, she gets a surprise second chance at love—that is if three people can work through the obstacles and misunderstandings that come with it.

Reader Advisory: This book contains M/M scenes, anal sex and sex toysgoodreadsThe cover really says it all with this book.  This was a quick sexy read that I couldn’t get enough of.  Even though it was a short quick read, I still enjoyed the characters, and of course the smutiness, that was in the story.  I loved that there was still enough information given to be able to connect with the characters.  While yes, this story would have been great it if was longer, I do think that Ms. Paige did a great job at capturing my attention and kept me in the story.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a quick lunch time read, but doesn’t mind getting a little hot and bothered by it either!

5str“Did you tell them why you’re leaving, Kerri?” Rebecca, my best friend since eighth grade, looked at me with concern. Then she looked pointedly at the plane ticket I held clutched painfully in my hands. “You figured out how you felt about them and what? You bought a plane ticket to leave three days later and didn’t even tell them until the night before?” She actually grasped the sides of her computer worriedly, I guess since she couldn’t actually grab me. “This isn’t you, Kerri. Since when do you run? Why don’t you be honest with them? Don’t they deserve that much?”

“You want me to tell two of my closest friends, who are totally in love with each other, that I am leaving because I can’t take being in the same house with them anymore?” I glared at my computer screen. Sometimes there were drawbacks to Skype—like my best friend, who was over eight hundred miles away, could still read my face so well I couldn’t get away with shit. “No, I didn’t tell them. They would be upset and I can’t take it anymore. It was different when I was just attracted to them. Or when I was at least lying to myself about that being all there was.”

I sighed to myself. Jacob and Kyle had looked so worried about me, and they’d tried so hard to convince me to stay. “I just told them that Caleb has been gone for over two years now, and I need to find a life of my own. It’s the truth, Becs. I still miss him every day, but I want to find someone to love me again. I’m tired of sleeping alone. I am tired of being alone.”

“Kerri, you already have found someone to love and you know it!” Rebecca threw her hands in the air. With her short red hair, green eyes and petite build, she looked like a fuming leprechaun. “You are in love with Jacob and Kyle. What if they could feel the same way about you? You told me they used to have relationships with women before you moved in with them. So you know they enjoy being with women.”

“Yes, but it was only for a night or a few weeks at most… They have never hinted that they wanted anything long term.” I looked at Rebecca, fighting back tears. “I couldn’t be with them for only a week or two and then go back to being friends. And I can’t lose them. They are too much a part of me. They miss Caleb as much as I do.” And with that thought I realized why I was so afraid of reaching for what I wanted so badly.

My late husband had grown up with Jacob and Kyle. All three had lived in the same small Oklahoma farming town outside of Guthrie. They were all only children, and had grown up together as close and loving as any brothers could possibly be.

I confessed my real fear to her. “What if I tell them and I lose them? It’s not just them not loving me back, if I lose their friendship, I lose my last link to Caleb too.”

“Kerri, you love them, you need to try.” Rebecca looked at me earnestly. “If you don’t tell them, and you move away, they will be gone anyway. You will pull away from them because it hurts too much. If you tell them, you may still lose them, but it will at least be because of the truth. You won’t have to wonder ‘what if’ for the rest of your life,” she continued gently. “But no matter what happens, you will never lose your connection to Caleb.”

God, she was right. About Caleb. I knew that, but sometimes it made it so much easier to feel him when there was somebody who shared memories of him. Who loved him too. Kyle and Jacob could even share memories of him that I hadn’t heard. Sometimes, when they were telling stories, I swear I could hear Caleb’s booming laughter right along with ours.

And I was already pulling away from them. Staying in my room more and more because the sight of them curled up together while we watched TV made me feel so lonely. My eyes would spend more time on them than on the TV while I wished I was snuggled up with them. All the times that I saw them kiss made me ache so much that I hid more and more.

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