Unrequited Love by Mary Reason Theriot

Caitlyn Reed’s brief relationship with Gregory Ferris has everyone believing that she knew about the killings. Just when she is ready to leave town Gregory kills himself. Caitlyn is shocked to discover Gregory has left his entire estate to her, including the plantation. With no where left to go Caitlyn moves to Point Creole, Louisiana. That is when her problems really start….
In Unrequited Love we start out in the past learning about a love between a immigrant and a slave. They hide their love for many years and are even help start the underground railroad. However, their love wasn’t accepted during those times. Not to mention that their neighbor would do anything for their prime piece of land that is making good money with access to a waterway, which was the best transport in the area. The neighbor wants the land so much that he is willing to do anything for it.. literally anything.
After taking lives out of greed, the house is left haunted by the upset spirits. We come to more current day and follow Caitlyn Reed who is unexpectedly given the haunted plantation. Although honestly I had a big issue with how this happened since the relationship between Gregory (the man who now owns the plantation) and Caitlyn isn’t really explained except they went ‘out a few times’. I get that he was a touch crazy and that was his explanation for doing it but it was just a bit odd for me.
Since Caitlyn has nowhere else to go, she decides to hire some local help to help renovate the plantation. She is surprised with all of the, er, unexpected surprises she discovers at the plantation, maybe even a little love.
Also, going on at the same time is a serial killer lose, killing women…
While I felt like there is a lot going on and the story isn’t actually half bad I think it was really hard to get into with the historical part all given up front instead of as the story progressed. I felt like if we started following Caitlyn and her relationship with Gregory and what he did that was so bad it would’ve sucked me in a lot faster and made it a much better story that we discovered the history of the plantation as the story progressed.
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