Underestimated Tour Stop!


Author: Jettie Woodruff
Genre: Adult Romance
Publication Date: June 26, 2013


Warning! This is not your everyday fall in love romance. This book contains disturbing situations, strong language, graphic, sexual content, some forced, some not. If it’s your happily ever after love story that you are looking for, you should probably move on. If you are up for the ride, stick around and it may just turn into a love story after all.

Morgan starts her life in a bad situation, she doesn’t really know what she wants out of life. She’s never had anyone to look up to, or help guide her in the right direction. She had it rough, and never dreamed that it could get worse, however she finds that it can, and does.
She learns what real hell is when she meets the husband that she doesn’t want to marry, but isn’t given a choice. Can she escape? She can, and does only to wake up and find herself right back at square one.

Twisted, erotic, abuse, mind f*ck. I could just go on and on and on about this book. Literally. I can’t say enough to describe this book.
Morgan is purchased and married and abused all by the ripe age of 18. Six years later not much has changed… until she runs away. THEN crap gets crazy.
Drew… Hmmm… What to say about him. I hated him. I liked him. I wanted to kick him in the face. I liked him.
While I could continue to list each and every single character and list the wide variety of emotions this book made me feel it wouldn’t do the book any justice. I picked up this book and could NOT put it down. I stayed up till 3 am reading even though I knew my children would have me up in two hours. Then I was reading as soon as I could and every chance I got until I had it finished (including while my husband drove!)
It’s dark and twisted in ways that I don’t want to say because it’ll give away part of the story. You have to read it and keep reading it till you get the whole story for it all to make sense. It’ll tear out your heart and stomp all over it before tenderly repairing it only to stomp all over it again. I cried, I laughed, I jumped for joy, I stomped my foot in  frustration. Jettie did such a wonderful job with this book. I felt connected to each and every single character  throughout the entire book. I really never wanted the story to end even though this is a long book it still wasn’t long enough. I wanted more and more!!!!!
This is by far the best book I’ve read in YEARS. I’m sure not everyone will agree as this does have very dark aspects to it but it’s real and raw, just like life.
I have to be honest in saying the main reason this book received five stars from me was because no matter how many times I was angered by the female character, I couldn’t stop caring and needing to know more.  Talk about an emotional roller coaster from hell, this book delivered.  I can’t even tell you how many times I put this book down and stomped through the house doing chores just to release some of the anger I was feeling while reading it.
Morgan is 18 when her father sells her to a rich playboy.  She over hears the deal being made and knows there is no way to stop it.  She has already lost her brother to social services, her mother has run off and her father is a drunk who beats her.  Could being sold to a stronger be much worse?  Oh yes it could be, she is married off to an evil man who thrives on rape and abuse.  After six years of living in this hell she finds someone who will help her get away.
After months of planning and stealing money from her husband Drew she makes her escape and relocates in a beach house in Maine.
There she meets her new best friend Lauren, has a job working for a wonderful woman named Star and meets  Dawson, the local sheriff who has suffered his own heart break in life.  Being terrified to do the wrong thing and allow Drew to find her she tries to isolate as much as she can, but Lauren won’t hear of that and Dawson decides  Morgan, who is now Riley, is the one he wants.
Dawson treats Riley with love and tenderness, things that she never experienced before and soon they become a
couple.  He is able to get Riley to the point of feeling safe enough to share her past with him and while he wants to hear what is causing her nightmares, he is filled with rage that someone would treat her like this.  Life was good for Riley, she had it all now in her new identity and life, but she went back to Vegas for work and was discovered.
From this point on the book took a turn for me that filled me with my own kind of rage.  An accident changed the whole story and left Morgan with no memories and two men who want her.  Does she pick the man who loves her tenderly and the home in Maine where she feels safe, or does she go with the man who feeds her dark need for rough sex and a luxurious apartment with enough money to buy what she wants in Vegas?  As if that isn’t enough story lines, she ends up pregnant with no idea who the father is and the truth is finally exposed as to why she was sold in the first place.  Now she has to determine if she is going to go find her mother and see what her side of the story is.
This book had me on an emotional roller coaster from midway till the end.  Nothing was laid out, nothing predictable and I didn’t find a ton of enjoyment in her decisions or actions, but dang if I didn’t still care about Morgan.  I wanted her happy but not at the expense it was going to cost her.  I have read some pretty dark and twisted books, this one will certainly go on the list.  While it gave us many different story lines and plots, almost to the point of overwhelming, the author kept the story going and gave us all of the answers we needed to understand.
Even with the author taking my emotions and twisting them, mutilating them and handing me back the bloody mess, I find I am really looking forward to her next book.  I can’t say there is one book out there I could compare this story to, it is definitely unique, intense and twisted to the point of needing to remind yourself to breathe.

Writing is more than a passion for me. I write adult books, romance and erotica. I did recently try my hand at a young adult romance, but because of the gutter that my mind seems to fall into. It quickly went into rated R mode. I reside in Ohio. I love living in Ohio, except maybe the cold winters, and the snow, well maybe the hot summers too. Ah hell, I hate Ohio.

I love to push my limits in writing, fuel the senses and emotions of my readers. I have some great supporters and love them all dearly.



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