Two to Tango by Mimi Strong

**NEW RELEASE Jan 10th! Complete Novel. No cliffhanger! Dual POV. Rated 18+ for frequent sex scenes.**From the USA Today bestselling author of the Peaches Monroe series and Borrowed Billionaire, comes a hilarious new story of unstoppable passion.

Skye Evans is a former stripper, trying to live a “good” life teaching dance to kids. She also hates rich people. Really hates them.

Charlie Ward is rich. He’s twenty-nine, and caught between partying and growing up enough to have a relationship with someone besides his best friend.

When Charlie finds Skye crashing a party at the exclusive country club he owns, he’s captivated by her long, beautiful dancer’s legs. He takes her on a private tour of the pool, where they discover perfect chemistry.

Unfortunately for these two lonely lovers, Skye still hates rich people, and Charlie’s still rich.

Charlie and Skye fit together so well when they’re naked, but they must find creative ways to get over their differences and let themselves love.
Skye had been burned by rich people all of her life.  She would rather life on the streets than be dependent on a rich person.  Coming from the life of a stripper to make ends meet, she found herself a job as a dance instructor at the local community center.  When confronted with the news that she could lose some of her dance students to the up class private country club, she knew she had to act fast so the poor girls could still have the chance to dance.  After “finding” some fancy clothing in an awkward situation she decided to go to the open house at the club and see what she was up against.  Little did she know the clothing that she lucked into was going to bring her a possible solution but also a world of heart break.
Charlie was one of those sons of a rich family, unfortunately the fortune belonged to his mom who passed away.  He was determined to not let his dad’s sexual habits tear down what his mother had built.  After seeing his father in more than one situation that could lead them to lose the club he vowed to stop all the affairs he could.  Sometimes he only saw the clothing of the women that his father was involved in at that time, so when he saw the red dress on Skye, Charlie went into fix it mode once again.  Little did he know he would fall in love with this dancer and have to repair the damage that rich people had caused her in her life.
This is a story of Skye and Charlie, of his acceptance at her doing what she needed to do to survive and her acceptance of Charlie, his money and his willingness to help her at all costs.  The author did a great job as giving us the personality of each character and letting us into the story.  While I don’t recall reading another plot like this in a long time, it didn’t really give me the excitement that I had hoped for.  Skye was willing to have sex with Charlie at any time and he wasn’t able to refuse.  I think that was the sticking point for me, the mixed messages of how she refused to be one of those girls who would have sex with anyone, then turns around and is having sex with him during the first few hours of meeting him.
I am glad the author gave us the ending she did.  It was nice to see the answers to many questions that I had during the book. The writing is great, the flow is good and you aren’t left with a lot of dragging pages.   I would recommend this book if you were wanting a simple love story with a few twists, but if you are looking for high drama, edge of your seat reading, this one won’t do it for you.
I picked up this book at 10pm thinking I’d read for a little bit before going to bed… BAD idea.. I couldn’t put it down!!! AMAZING book. Skye Evans is trying to get her life together even though she had a rough upbringing. She can’t stand rich people because they are mean and use other people. When she meets Charlie Ward, she thinks he is just a groundskeeper at the exclusive club she is  crashing a party at in order to convince mothers of her dance class not to take their funding away from the community center she works at. Charlie thinks Skye is his father’s mistress.
Follow along as Skye and Charlie’s relationship develops.. What happens when Skye runs into someone from her old life? How does she handle finding out Charlie is rich?
I just absolutely loved their chemistry. The naughty scenes were HOT too. Absolutely swept away by this story. Sweet, sexy, and everything between.  5 HUGE Stars!