Trust by J.C. Valentine

Following his divorce, Felix Sinclair vowed to never commit to a woman again…until he washed up on Poppy Montgomery’s doorstep, proving that sometimes taking the road less traveled pays off.One night of passion promised a lifetime of happiness, but when Felix begins to grow distant, disappearing for long periods of time without an explanation, Poppy begins to suspect that Felix may not be as committed to her as he claims.

They say the hardest part of love is trusting your heart to someone else, but Poppy is about to find out that sometimes the hardest part may be letting go.


I have been a complete fan of this series ever since I had read the first one not so long ago.  I really do think that this author is bringing a breath of fresh air into the writing world because of their ability to write great stories that include many amazing details.  All of the characters they create are done to an extreme level that you are not left wanting for more from them.  The only thing you are left wanting more from is books from the author!
We have met Felix and Poppy in the other books in the series and I was always left wanting to know more of their story!  Well when the chance came to receive and ARC from the author for the next part in their story, I jumped on the chance for it.
One thing that I loved with this novella was how real the story was. The couple was going through real life issues and it made the story that much more realistic. The smuttiness that happens during the story is completely off the charts, but I do have to say that I am completely glad that the author didn’t make the story about that completely.
There were certain parts of this story that had me sitting on the edge of my seat because I was completely confused about what was going on.  But I can say that I am completely glad overall with this story.  My main complaint is that I wish the author would stop teasing us with these short novellas! I want more Felix and Poppy!