The Contract by Jae Lynn Davies

The goddess of the hunt carries an entirely different meaning in Diana’s world.A contract assassin for her father Jupiter, Diana trades her traditional gowns for a crossbow and vowed to fulfill her duties by eliminating anyone who threatened the pantheon.

But when she receives a contract to kill the sexy Cole Hunter, the heat between the two ignites. Diana develops feelings she’s never experienced and is faced with the decision to give her father, Jupiter, the human’s heart, or give Cole hers. The race is on to protect him from Jupiter’s wrath, before she loses him forever.


Having read a book by the author in the past, when I started this one I had really high hopes for it!
I did still enjoy the book a lot; my main complaint is that it was way too short for me!The characters I felt were written extremely well, but the problem was the story progressed so quickly, I wasn’t able to really form any complete opinions on them.  One thing that I did enjoy however was the different way that the author has the Gods and Goddess’s portrayed in this book and their different jobs.
Being left with wanting more, and a little upset that there wasn’t another book behind this one, that is why I rated it a 4 star.  If there was more to the story then I’m sure I would have loved it completely!