Snowcroft Lost by Christi Snow 1

 Secrets and Lies…
Everyone has them. Big ones. Little ones.
For Trevor Mayne and Jamie Vaughn, secrets and lies are how they’ve made their fourteen year friendship work. Don’t talk about it. Ignore it and it won’t be real. Pretend like everything’s fine between the two of them.

Jamie can’t live like this anymore. He’s in love with Trevor, his best friend who just happens to be straight. Tired of hiding his feelings, he decides to walk away. From their friendship. From his hometown. From his business.

But before Jamie gets a chance to leave, a freak accident leaves Trevor with amnesia. A new blank perspective leaves him confused about the inconsistencies of what he’s told his life should be vs. the feelings that he knows he has. Now those secrets and lies, that should be safer than ever, are suddenly front and center and changing everything between them.

Their world is at risk because their secrets and lies aren’t the only ones at play here. There’s a bigger lie out there and it could just destroy everything as they get closer and closer to the secret hidden in depths of the Snowcroft forest.
I went into this book with a completely open mind, and I’m really glad that I did. This story was one that dragged me in from the first page and I couldn’t put it down until I had finished it all.
The story starts out almost in the middle, we meet Jamie and find out how he feels towards Trevor, and what he plans to do on that. When he finds Trevor, his plans change.
I was worried because the story starts with Trevor having amnesia and before he gets his memories back, he develops an attraction that he has towards his best friend Jamie.  I was worried that it was one of those stories that was going to be too easy to figure out what was going to happen at the end. But I am glad that there were tons of twists and turns that happened that kept me on my toes.
The one big thing that I was still left wondering, we never found out when he started those feelings, or when those feelings started. Of what was going on with him before the accident happened.  Now granted, as the story progressed you could really tell that Trevor had feelings towards Jamie besides just friendship. And when Trevor did end up with his memory back, he still had those feelings. But I was still left wondering I think that there are some situations that happen during the book that are very hard to read and get through just because of the topic that was brought up. But I think that the author did an amazing job talking about such serious things. She did it with an extreme amount of consideration and respect.
I do think that the author has an amazing start to a new series and I really can’t wait to find out what happens next.

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