Safe With You by Kristen DeMuzio

After overcoming a difficult childhood, Taryn Ross has a fairy tale life – her father is a Senator contemplating a run for President, her mother loves to take her shopping for ridiculously expensive clothes, and she is finishing up her junior year at NYU.What she doesn’t have is love – the heart pounding, mind blowing, passion filled love that she reads about in her collection of steamy romance novels. But that might change when she accepts a cup of coffee from a sexy mysterious stranger.

Wyatt Hunter has experienced a loss that has him living each day just going through the motions. His world is in dull shades of gray – until the day he meets Taryn. She brings vibrant brilliant color back into his life, and he can’t stand the thought of going on without her.

But Wyatt is holding a secret that could send Taryn running when she finds out.

**This book contains adult situations and explicit content. Recommended for readers ages 17 and older.**

I just finished Safe With You and I really liked it. Wyatt and Taryn are such a cute couple and I definitely rooted for them. In the beginning you find out that she is the senators daughter and is in college living with her cousin Lindsay.  She has been going to Starbucks forever when she notices a cute guy. He is the hot coffee guy.  They have made eye contact a few times and there is a mutual
attraction but they haven’t had a chance to actually meet. One day she walks in and is being bothered by an ex when hot coffee guy intervenes and saves the day.  This would be Wyatt. This day leads to more days of them meeting up but Wyatt tells her that they cannot be more than friends and that there is a reason behind it and cannot say why.  She knows something is up but agrees to be friends. What do you think that he is hiding?  You will have to read and see.
I really enjoyed this story. I thought it flowed well. I was pleasantly surprised. There is always a chance when you read a new author and can get disappointed but it was all good.
Wyatt is a little hotties. He is very sweet and sexy and at times very caveman. You just cannot go wrong with that combination!!!  Taryn was a very sweet girl. She is like you all American girl and yes even though she is very spoiled is very humble. I can say that the chemistry between them was hot. The only complaint is that I wanted to read more!
I loved all the characters. Lindsay is my absolute favorite. You would want her in your corner and I cannot wait to see what happens with her and I am so glad that she is next!
The two complaints that I have is that one I felt a times it was predictable. I want a little mystery. Did it take away for the story? A little. Am I still going to read the other. ones? Of course!  What can I say. I’m hooked!   The other is that I felt that there was at times a lot of dialogue from several characters in one paragraph that I was confused who was talking. Did it take away from the story
for me? A little but I still enjoyed it. This is a really good story and I can only hope it gets better. Stay tuned!!!