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Maggie Walker yearns for the one thing she’s never truly felt: love. After years of rejection and abandonment, the shy and timid Nurse found that running felt right and provided her with the solitude she needed to avoid the haunting memories of her past.
Keeping to her routines and having complete control of her life, made things easier, but not more exciting. When chance steps in, it throws the unexpected in her path in the form of a handsome stranger named Charlie.
Charlie Hennings lives under the pressure of expectation. When forced to follow in his father’s footsteps as an FBI Agent, he left behind part of himself and the chance to embrace his dreams, which included settling down and starting a family.
When his latest endeavor lands him in an undercover position in Brown County, he never expects to find the one person he couldn’t live without, who also ironically ends up being directly connected to his current assignment.
Throughout their journey, Charlie makes it his personal mission to help Maggie break out of her shell and convince her that she deserves all the love in the world. But when Charlie’s lies are brought to light regarding his job, will it destroy everything they’ve been working toward?
Can Maggie overlook his deceit and let herself experience these new feelings of love or will she just runaway from it all?
**This book is intended for a mature reading audience and isn’t suitable for readers under the age of 18.**
I just finished Runaway Love and I loved it.  It was such a sweet story about forgiveness and second chances.  If you have followed the Brown County series then you know Not Alone (Emmy and Grady) is the first now followed by this one.  Charlie was the undercover FBI Agent that brought down Corbin (villain) in Not Alone and Emmy ended up at the hospital and Maggie is the nurse that helped her.  This story follows the ending of that so  this could be read standalone but why in the world would you do that??!! Maggie has had a rough life and it had carried over into adulthood.  She
is deathly scared of men and the only one she can trust is her brother Mason, or so she thinks.  Charlie is still in Brown County investigating drug/women trafficking and now has to follow Mason.  Mason is working for the main guy Declan and because of this Charlie is now investigating him.  He has already seen Maggie and it very intrigued by her and once he realizes who she is; it puts a problem in their new relationship.  There isn’t a way to keep lies hidden so what do you think will happen when Maggie finds out who Charlie really is?  You will have to read and see.
I really loved this story.  I thought that it flowed really well and just love how it was in different perspectives; you really get a feel for the character and what they are going through.  Charlie’s sexy and sweet and someone who you could fall easily in love with.  He did say some cheesy things which he openly admits, did it take away from the story, no but it kind of made me roll my eyes on how corny they were. (snort)  Maggie’s is just awesome.  She thinks of everyone more than she would herself and because of that is very introverted.  She is shy and skittish and for me has a every reason to be.  I like how she was willing to take a chance on Charlie.  But as they say, things backfire when you hide lies.  It was predictable but in a good way.  You knew who the bad guy was.  For me it was enjoyable to read regardless if I knew what was going to happen.
I loved all the characters. Everyone was there with the addition to Gio (Maggie’s Friend) .  I loved them all.  It was good to see Grady and Emmy again and to be able to see what had been going on in their life.  They are all there for one another and would do anything for each other.  I think that is what I love most about this series.  It makes me glad that I have that in my life and appreciate it more.   I do love how she set up for the next story and cannot wait to see what happens.
Overall this was a very sweet story and I enjoyed it.  I can honestly say that Amber is just awesome and love how she has made her characters to versatile and they are all so charming and sweet.  You have to get on this train.  I loved every minute of it.
 I must say that I am in love with this group of books by Amber Nation.  She has given us a family of characters that are so easy to feel empathy for and take pride in their courage.  I have fallen in love.
Maggie has had her whole life to know she was not loved by anyone, not even her parents.  She thought her brother loved her, but soon she realized he had become her father, an abusive drunk.  After ending up in the hospital as a child after her father beat her, Maggie decided that she wanted to become a nurse so she could be the tender voice of support and love for other patients.  She learned to be content with going to work, coming home and being alone, that was until her brother needed a place to stay.  Along with a roommate, she now had his baggage that came with him and his job as a drug runner.
Charlie is an undercover agent who was part of a case in that small town a year earlier.  He is determined to take down the leader of the drug ring there, Maggie’s brother Mason was just the newest employee for this leader.  While watching Mason he took an interest in Maggie.  He could tell by the way she never looked at people and how skittish she was around others, there was something going on that had hurt her and she was hiding.  He just hoped what she was hiding wouldn’t end up putting her in a cell next to her brother. We follow Maggie and Charlie as they find more out about each other and he works at making her feel loved and accepted, unfortunately he didn’t tell her all of his secrets and this would end up wrecking what he had built with her.  When things start blowing up around them he finds that he has to find Maggie fast, it is up to him to save her but as an agent he has to decide if he will follow the rules or throw caution to the wind to save the woman he loves.
Amber Nation gives us an action packed ending that brings us the answers we needed and the closing to the story of Maggie and Charlie.  The people in this story are all so precious with their acceptance and love of each other and the protection they give to each other is just a beautiful thing to read.  The writing style of this author is a pleasure to read as it flows so smoothly with just the right balance of intensity and calm.  I really recommend this book to you readers; I don’t think you will walk away from this story without knowing your heart has been touched by Maggie and Charlie.
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Amber Nation PhotoI am a wife, mother of two beautiful girlies, an avid reader, and a new Romance and New Adult author.
I was born and raised in Southern Indiana, but resided in Texas for five years while my husband was in the US Army. It was definitely a journey, but I am so glad to be back in my home state.
Whenever I’m not doing my motherly duties or at the soccer field I absolutely love to read whenever I have a moment to spare. My kindle is never far from my side.
My love of reading increased about a year ago and due to my love of books I decided to try my hand at writing. Already having a set of characters screaming to get out, my story took over and came to life.
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