Round The Bend by Alistair McGuinness 2

Three things happened simultaneously. The lioness charged, Alistair fled across the parched savannah and his wife screamed for him to run faster. Stuffed deep inside his tattered rucksack was a guidebook containing advice on what to do in wildlife emergencies, which he planned to read if he survived the next thirty seconds. Future plans to climb Kilimanjaro, teach English in the Amazon and live in Australia were temporarily forgotten as he turned to face the pouncing lioness, thinking back to the words of advice from his mother-in-law. “Don’t do anything silly, and look after Francine.” From deep underground in a remote Bolivian mine to the scorched Australian outback, Round the Bend is an adventure travel story. It explores the turbulence of redundancy, the excitement of travel, the anguish of leaving home and the challenges of starting a new life in Australia.
Read about Alistair and his wife as they finally take the time to travel the world as they had been wanting to do after he lost his job when they closed the factory that he’d been working at.
While the attention to detail is very good and detailed at points, I also found that exact same thing to be a bit over the top and distracting at points too. For example, reading about their language teacher picking green boogers from his nose to roll them into balls and flick them out the open door was a bit much and frankly just gross.
I loved reading about the different situations they seemed to find themselves in and the flow of the story was quite smooth and it was very entertaining.

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  • Alistair McGuinness

    Thanks for reviewing my adventure travel book and glad to hear that you found it "very entertaining". The language teacher incident was a strange moment but his personal hygiene habits forced me out of the classroom and led me to the top of a mountain!

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