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I’m shadowed by sins; mine and the ones passed on to me. The only light comes in the way of him. He wants to fix me, but he can’t fix something so lost and broken. I’m completely undeserving and secretly unwilling. But how do I turn away the one person my body and soul soars for, the one thing that makes me forget the fear, the loss and the guilt? How do I stop the primal need which we are addicted to?
She is a stranger amongst the world, a captive behind her smiles and lies which shelters the truth. But I know her, we are caged together with the demons and guilt, yet my love is stronger against all our loss and I want to help her heal, to set her free. Under her cloak still lies my scared kitten, feral to her soul because of what he took from both of us. If it’s the last thing I do, I will help her roar like the tiger I know her to be, even if it means setting her free from me.

Caged by their demons and primal need, will their love be strong enough to set them free?

“Daddy loved me; Nate loved me; both completely different to the other, and I them. I miss my father even though he hurt me. I miss Nate, but I refuse to continue hurting him, and now I hurt Paul. My life is like a hurt locker, filled to the brim with the anguish I cause.”

Charlotte (Charlie) has been abused her whole life. She knows nothing different except for when it comes to Nate. Yet, she holds so much guilt over what she has brought him into and what he has given up to protect her. Does she deserve more? Can she allow herself to give in to what her heart and her body want?

“She doesn’t want me to fix her, to help her, but I can’t stop. I want to help her, to fix her problems if I can. Like the selfish @sshole I am, I want to be the reason she doesn’t give up.”

Nate loves Charlotte more than his own life. He has given up so much for her, yet he wants to continue to see her grow, even if it means not being the one for her. He has done everything his whole life to see her safe, yet what you see isn’t always the truth.

“Pft. Our love What a f*cking joke. I trapped a beautiful bird, tamed it, trained it to love me, and essentially broke its spirit.”

I wish I could rate this book for the first half and the second half. The first half would have been a 5* for sure. I literally could not stop reading until about 47%. I stayed up what felt like a half hour, yet was really three. It flew by. The story, past and present, drew me in and made me HAVE to know more. I loved the way we got the past in small pieces and from both Charlie’s and Nate’s point of views, as well as the present in both POV’s. I loved that they were both so tortured and only wanted what was best for each other even if that meant sacrificing their own needs. They were torn apart by the guilt of what they had caused to each other. My heart broke for what they went through in the past and guilt they were still carrying around. Now onto the second half. It would have only been about a 2.5 for me. While the story continued in the past/present dual POV’s, I just felt after so much guilt and anguish and drama, enough was enough. I needed them to either get to their happy place or to walk away.
Yet, it.just.kept.going.and.going. It just got to the point where it was a bit bizarre. As if they hadn’t been through enough, another scenario was brought in and it just felt like too much at that point. I did enjoy watching Charlie become a stronger person and start standing up for herself but I felt like instead of gradual growth, it sort of happened overnight. I did love how it was tied up at the end and while normally I think I like stand-alones, I would really enjoy another book on this couple as to where they are at later down the road. I would definitely read it. There was one small part that was not cleared up (it wasn’t really obvious but it stuck out to me) so here’s to hoping!

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Aria Cage
My name is Aria and I have three confessions:
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