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Mace Jordan was not the type of guy I expected to sweep me off my feet. I knew of the crowd he ran with, and they were bad news. But beyond that tough, biker exterior was a sweetheart, and one that treated me like his princess. I liked being the good girl with the bad boy, but I never expected this. What I saw on his computer…I thought I knew  him.But I was wrong. So wrong…

If there was ever a bad time for me to fall for a chick it was now, but from the moment I saw Leeta, she had me. There was something special about her, and I had to have her. But I also had a job to do, and I couldn’t let her distract me from that. I couldn’t let her discover that side of me either. But she’s not stupid, and I know she’s getting close. God knows what she’ll do if she discovers the truth.

Or what she thinks is the truth.
This is the third book of Missy Johnson’s that I’ve read, and I’ve come to the determination that she has an awesomely wicked imagination, but not quite the writing chops to successfully carry out those imaginings and storyline.  I fear this book, while I enjoyed it, was no different.
I’m a fan of the darker storyline, and quite honestly the twist in this book was original and quite shocking!  Kudos there.  The problem I ran into was with the writing.  It wasn’t always clear to me what was going on.  I can’t quite put my finger on what was missing, but something about the way the story is told just missed the mark for me.  The beginning was quite promising but then things just started to fall apart.  There were inconsistences that plagued me as I read the book.  As it progressed I found the situations between characters to go further and further away from the realm of possibility, and the ending just felt rushed and left me wanting more.
I did, however, like the central relationship in the book.  Mace and Leeta have a great connection and I thought the scenes between the two of them were great in the beginning. Once I found out some things, I found it more difficult to go along with the sensual wave of the book, but that wasn’t really a problem with the writing as much as it was me just no longer being into it.
If you’ll read it, you’ll see why.
This book was a pretty lofty goal to pull off.  As I said, I think the story was original and really could have gone somewhere, but as it stands now it just was not executed well.   I’m giving this book 3.5 stars.
I just finished Provoke and I really liked it.  It was an original story that I wasn’t expecting and to be honest that was refreshing.  Mace and Leeta have been boyfriend and girlfriend for sixth months, everything is going good.  Nothing to show that there are secrets, only what each other know.  But what if one day, you stumble upon something so dark and twisted about them that you just can’t even imagine that there is a reasonable excuse for what you found out.
This is what happens to Leeta.   She stumbles on a secret that Mace has been hiding.   What will Leeta do?  Will she confront Mace?  Is that a reasonable excuse for what he has done?  You will have to read and see.
I really liked the story, thought that it had a good plot and that it flowed really well.  Like I said before there was a thing or two in it that I hadn’t read before that made is refreshing for me.  I like the twist in the story.  I also like how
it was 6 months later that they were together; I thought that it was brought together well and that I really didn’t miss much from their relationship.  Mace was of course sexy with a dark past.  Who doesn’t love a bad boy trying to make things right.  I liked Leeta.  Awesome name by the way!  I thought she was a cool character.  She was strong and loyal
and love how she doesn’t jump to conclusions at quickly as one would think even though we really don’t know what would have happened since it was taken out of her hands! 🙂
I liked the secondary characters.  Not a lot of them and or the interactive is slim but that is to be expected because of it being a short story but you still got a feel for the characters.  I liked Tim.  Her friend the best.  I loved how he was there for her in a pinch no matter what.
I really enjoyed the story.  I thought that it a lot of emotion to it.  Angst, Love, and Betrayal.  Honestly, my favorite side is the comical side of the story.  For me, there was some laugh out loud moments and it was just good to read that.  I hadn’t read that in a while.
If you are looking for a quick, sexy yet engrossing read, then this one is for you.  I couldn’t put it down and I don’t think you would either.
Missy lives in a small town in Central Victoria with her husband, and her confused pets (a dog who think she’s a cat, a cat who thinks he’s a dog…you get the picture).
When she’s not writing, she can usually be found looking for something to read.

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