Mia’s Journey by Rebell and Ryan

Mature Audiences Only. This story contains content that includes sex and violent content. All of the characters are 18 years of age or older.
A powerful, well-connected, sexual predator “buys” his wife in lieu of legal fees for his own sadistic desires.
A physically and emotionally abused girl lives in sexual hell, with ‘invisible handcuffs’ binding her. Her only escape is her writing. An older man in a loveless marriage befriends her not knowing the world of hurt awaiting him for doing so. A corrupt cop, a sexual sadist, a powerful family, against two unprepared, unlikely, heroes.

But nothing is what it seems, and neither are they. Both sides bring out the very best, and the very worst in each other in this erotic adventure.

Mia has been abused her entire life. It started with her father and continued when she was given to her husband as payment for legal fees. Her husband, Jeffery Prescott, was a well- connected lawyer that took great pleasure in using his submissive wife any way his sick mind desired. He even started loaning her out to other twisted sexual predators. She is held in captivity in plain sight with ‘invisible handcuffs.’ His contacts throughout the city insure that Mia
is controlled every second of her day. Mia started writing to escape her everyday hell.

Ten years later, on an online writing forum, she meets someone she nicknames “Daddy,” for the father she never had. Daddy is older, in a loveless marriage, held together by the love he has for his son. What started as an unlikely friendship soon turns into something filled with passion. Mia and Daddy click for opposite reasons…

…One wants escape her brutal present, another wants to escape his violent history.

It sparks an intense sexual relationship neither is prepared, or ready for. They first rely on each other for emotional support, and both their worlds spirals out of control.

Daddy sees what is happening in Mia’s life and tries to help her, and without knowing it, gets involved in things way over his head. But Daddy isn’t who he appears to be and has lethal skills of his own buried deep in his past. He left his
violent former life behind…or so he thought. Daddy knows he is no action hero. He can’t compete with younger, stronger, better armed men. He has to rely on his smarts instead.

A sexual sadist, a corrupt cop, a powerful family, against two unprepared, unlikely, heroes.

The lawyer, in an effort to save his own skin, first tries to intimidate Daddy. When that fails, he then enlists the help of a corrupt cop and an inner city gang. Daddy is savagely beaten, and he is left for dead. Bad move. They should have killed him because now it’s personal. There are some things in life you don’t back down from.

Mia, on finding out what happens to her one and only true friend who was only trying to help her, sets out on her own mission to destroy her husband. Her rage at her treatment and her abusers is let loose as she sets out to crush the family that “owns” her.

Alone and without help, against powerful , politically connected enemies, the hunted turn the tables and become the hunters as Mia and Daddy set out to balance the scales of justice in an explosive, bloody, climax that leaves the entire city reeling.

READER ADVISORY: This story contains content that includes sex and erotic themes. All of the characters are 18  years of age or older.

On so many levels this book warped my mind.  The first part was the HORRIBLE abuse and rape that Mia endured from her father and husband and any other man her husband saw fit to send her to.  The middle part was where she met a man on the internet who was helping her get her book published, they finally meet and she instantly moves in with him.  As strange as that was, she started calling him Daddy.  The sex scenes between those two didn’t even register on my hot radar because I couldn’t get over her calling him Daddy and the things they did during the scenes, well let’s just say the stomach rolled a few times.
For Mia to be a substitute teacher, she sure acted immature and almost mentally challenged, but then if we had lived her life we might be stunted in our mental growth too.  She was exchanged at an early age to a lawyer name Jeffery by her father.  He was trying to escape charges and without money the only thing he had to offer was Mia.  The following ten years was nothing but abuse and rape from her husband.
I was really hooked at the beginning because she had written a novel and that was how she found Daddy. I thought this was going to be an awesome story of how writing would save her and she would find her freedom from this horrific life and meet someone, since Daddy was twice her age.   Soon the topic of the novel was lost and escaping her abuse and finding her journey began.  Daddy’s identity was lost somewhere, it was like he was on the radar, dropped from the living, to reappear again a few years later and that kept going till he landed in America with his Asian wife and son.  They went back to Asia before Mia came into the picture.
Now I know it appears I gave away a lot of the story, but trust me this isn’t even cliff notes for this book.  The action and evilness and heroism in the last half of the book were amazing.  The rapes, abuse, evil twists and darkness I have NEVER seen in any other book, the sex scenes, the strangeness in her calling him Daddy and being so weird, those things alone left me asking myself why I am reading this book.  This is why I gave it four stars.  For all of that over the
stop strangeness, I still needed to know what happen in the end.  I needed to follow the mind games that Daddy played to seek revenge for Mia and secure her freedom.  I needed to even know what happen to Daddy, even though he freaked me out through the whole story.  If an author can give me such a dark, twisted and demented story that makes me question my sanity because I can’t stop reading, then I say they deserve at least four stars.
I have to tell you, the way Daddy thought, the plans he made, and the ending of the book…….I am still just speechless.  He was like a mastermind of deception and revenge that is  like NO other character I have ever read.  There were times I literally had shivers at the way his mind worked.
I would recommend this book to anyone who can deal with such darkness that you feel ill reading it, if you can endure detailed rape and torture scenes, then this is your book.  I don’t regret reading it, but I am almost fearful of how long this story is going to stay with me.  It did bring me a sense of justice at the end, to see how this played out and to see Mia finally start the journey she was meant to be on.
http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HR6BC1Q/ref=as_li_ss_il?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00HR6BC1Q&linkCode=as2&tag=crysmanrev-20    http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/mias-journey-john-rebell/1118044664?ean=9780982418222