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 Organization – that’s what I do. Control – it’s my middle name.Hello. I’m Elizabeth – your personal concierge. My job is to play fairy godmother to the rich and famous.

The universal rulebook may say to never mix business with pleasure, but its author never worked for Grant Morgan, my sexy and brooding client. As a top attorney in Manhattan, Grant is used to calling the shots and dominating everything he touches. He also changes girlfriends as often as I pick up his dry cleaning. A part of me still wishes I could let him command my body and take me in ways I’ve never imagined, though.

One moment of weakness is all it takes to change everything forever.

Addicted – I can’t get enough of him. Consumed – He’s all I think and dream about.

The book has officially been thrown out the window. I’m in love and completely terrified. With lines blurred, I find myself lying, cheating and stealing to protect myself from being hurt. But my choices affect more than just me and now I’m not so sure what I’m trying to protect myself from.

Will love be enough to erase all I’ve done? Or have I made the biggest mistake of all?

“Some people say I keep myself too regimented and need to let go a little. I say there is nothing wrong with having things carefully crafted and planned. Chaos breeds disaster. Plain and simple. And that is not how I want to live.”

Elizabeth has her life mapped out. She has personally built her business from the ground up. She is mature and responsible. Grant is a rich, powerful attorney who is a serious playboy.

“You could tell he was at ease with himself and knew how to command his body. He had a powerful aura now that I was close to him.”

So I have to be honest and say I really didn’t enjoy the first half of this book. I thought Elizabeth was being naive and I really thought Grant was a control freak. I just couldn’t understand at all how she could be attracted to his personality. He did have a few redeeming moments but there were not many. The writing felt choppy and I just couldn’t connect with any of the characters in this book. Then something happened about half way through. The writing style started flowing better and all of a sudden both Elizabeth and Grant became people I could like and have some compassion for. If I didn’t know better, I would believe that the first and second half of the book were written by completely different people. I could feel where they were both coming from in there guilt even though I may not have agreed with their decisions. Once I got to about the 75% mark, I was totally hooked. It was  like being on a roller coaster. Everything they both felt was out there in the open yet neither one saw it and it made my heart break. By 90% I was just a mess and and by 95% I was pretty much sniffling my way through the ending. I loved that the book is a complete stand alone. I also loved the epilogue at the end that tied everything up nice and pretty and even let us know about some other characters in the book that were important.

“He was right. He did have us. And we had him. In that moment, I knew the journey was worth it, regardless of how difficult it may have been, I knew this because my soul was right where it needed to be. With its perfect mate.”

Overall, once I got past the beginning, I really did enjoy the book. I have a couple other Jessica Ingro books on my wish list and will be trying to get to those sooner rather than later.
Arms in the air, hips swaying, I lost myself in the sounds of 112’s, “Peaches and Cream.” Matt moved up behind me, pulling me back against his hard chest, grinding his hips into mine. His hands glided teasingly down my arms and sides, causing a slow burn in my belly. His hand moved my hair over my shoulder so his lips could skim along the side of my neck, sending shivers down my spine.
Feeling like I was being watched, my eyes opened and looked directly into the blazing, heated gaze of Grant Morgan. I had made myself forget that he was here, but apparently he hadn’t forgotten I was. He sat forward in his booth, his one arm propped on his leg – watching me. He was the master of his domain and of his body. You could tell he was at ease with himself and knew how to  command his body. He had a powerful aura now that I was closer to him. And if I wasn’t mistaken, his jaw seemed to tick when Matt ran his hands intimately down my thighs as he danced behind me.
From that moment forward, I danced for Grant. It was beyond my control. My imagination went wild with thoughts of him behind me, moving me sensually against him. Matt or not, I only wanted him to watch me. Only wanted him to touch me. Only wanted him to want me. It was dangerous. It was reckless. It was everything I wasn’t.
Grant watched me the whole time. Even when waitresses brought him what looked like whiskey or scotch. Even when Nik came back to talk with him. It was a rare occasion for me to look his way and not see his eyes on me. The heated look in them made my skin tingle and my panties grow wet with desire. I might as well have been naked, for the way his eyes stripped me bare.
At one point, I caught him subtly adjusting himself. When he did that, I closed my eyes, overcome with a wave of need. I ran my hands over my breasts and down my torso, further stimulating myself. I could imagine my hands down his pants, feeling his hardness beneath my palm as I squeezed it and made him hiss with pleasure. And when my hands skirted farther down my body, I imagined it was
his, seeking to give me the same pleasure that I was giving him.
And that was how I spent the rest of the night. Seductively beckoning Grant to join me. Secretly wishing he would answer my unspoken call. When a man I didn’t know came up and pulled him away, I watched him leave the club and felt an odd sense of loss blanket me. What was happening to me?
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Jessica is the author of the Love Square series. She grew up in Central New York, where she spends her days as a Security Analyst at an IT consulting company. In her free time, she enjoys reading books and developing ideas for her own stories. Writing is her secret passion that she’s been fostering since elementary school, when she wrote her first book about a puppy. It has always been a dream of hers to be able to share her stories with the world.

Jessica currently lives in New York with her husband and three dogs.