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Caroline Reyes is starting her second year of college nothing like the first. Following a car accident over the summer with her best friend Raleigh she is now stuck with a bitch for a roommate as Raleigh recovers at home.One Saturday morning starts off with a bang, literally at Caroline’s door and leads to her needing to comfort a very distraught stranger. This brings Caroline into her first run in with Eric. She feels completely lust driven at just the sight of him, even though his words just piss her off. She can’t shake the sensations running thru her though even after their brief meeting is over. Then comes Kyle and he is determined to get to know Caroline better and she feels the same way dismissing her earlier run in as just crazy hormones.

Now she is left with decisions having to be made and knowing someone is going to get hurt in the process. That someone could be her alone.

Caroline has always looked into the stars for comfort and reassurance since she was a little girl with her Daddy. Now she is looking up into them praying for the right answers and hoping they can help her along with her Daddy who is amongst them now.
Let me just start off this review with what I loved most about this book.  The characters were so awesome on their own merit; they didn’t need temper tantrums, excess drama, and immature attitudes to make their point.  We ended up with three women who became great friends, the kind of friends any reader would love to have in real life.
Caroline is a mature college student who doesn’t enjoy a lot of drama in her life.  She has seen firsthand how quickly life can pass by with the death of her father and her best friend recovering from a car accident that Caroline herself was injured in.  One early morning her life began to take a turn that she would never expect. Tara was crushed, how her boyfriend could cheat on her after she followed him to this college so they could be together was beyond her understanding.  With anger filling her brain she was pounding on the door of the apartment that the woman who was with her  man was supposed to live in.  What she got was a tired Caroline who was instantly annoyed at this nonsense.  After talking to Tara for a few minutes she was able to straighten out that it was her roommate that Tara was looking for and Caroline had no love lost for the roommate.  She offered to go have coffee with Tara and let her talk this out and that was the beginning of a friendship
that neither expected.
When Tara’s brother Eric found out what she was doing, he made a trip to see her and set her straight, what he also accomplished was setting a fire off inside Caroline with his good looks and beautiful eyes as soon as he walked into the coffee shop.  I loved how Caroline handled it, she was mature even though she could feel the emotions and she left and went to her best friend Raleigh house to help her get to physical therapy and unloaded about her morning and how she felt seeing Eric.
Raleigh was the best friend whose life was put on hold after the accident. She had taken Caroline in the moment she saw her after Caroline’s father had died and she was forced to move to a new city. They have been together since that moment being more like sisters than friends.  Needing to take a year off from college so she could recover, she was thrilled to see Caroline for the weekend.  As if her day hadn’t been eventful enough, Caroline meets the new physical therapist Kyle and there is yet another connection and this is where the story of In the Stars begins.
While it sounds like it is setting up to be a love triangle, it didn’t have that feel for me.  I feel like Caroline explored her relationship with each man separately then made her choice as to who had her heart.  While it took a traumatic event for her to see clearly what and who she needed, it was all so well thought out.  She never ran back and forth out of need or weakness and she continued to talk
to the stars and her Daddy for guidance.  We were able to see Tara and Raleigh build a friendship while still being there for Caroline and we were able to get a look into Caroline’s mothers life after the death of her husband.  There were tense moments that left me unable to turn the page fast enough, I never felt overwhelmed with constant drama and events.  This book was very well written with a realistic attitude towards relationships and life.
I think the author did a great job with her characters, giving us even secondary characters that we could relate to and care about.  The story really didn’t drag at any time, as each page held an important piece to this story that was being created.  The only reason I didn’t give it a five star was because I am not sure how long this book with stay with me.  While I had a few hours of pleasant reading that kept my interest and gave me new people to love, I didn’t feel the emotional connection that left my heart affected and my brain engaged for hours after finishing the book.  I do really recommend this book and I hope that Raleigh and Tara get a book of their own.  If this happens I will certainly be counting the days till release.
I live in Virginia with my husband and our three wonderful (at least typically wonderful) children. I love the privacy I have back in the woods surrounding our home. Honestly thru out my school years I was not a big reader then something amazing happened and I finally opened up my mind to the world of stories. I have some of the greatest and most supportive friends ever that without my sanity might be gone.

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