House Of Aces by Dean & Ann

Warning: Due to heavy adult content, this book is only recommended to MATURE readers. Certain settings contain graphic depictions of violence with trigger-inducing scenes.This is book one of the House Of Aces Series.
Can you put a price on a human being?
Can you put a price on love?
In the Katana family, a price must always be paid, be it with currency or a life.
Bombarded by a house full of dark secrets, abuse, a never ending sequence of lies, and with no one to trust, how can one survive a harsh world full of deception and trickery?
I found this book being promoted on Facebook so I thought what the heck, I would get it and give it a chance.  Oh dear Lord, I am addicted to this series already.  The book is short, less than 50 pages but this author can give you a whole story, leave you begging for more and sitting on the edge of your seat in just those few pages. Ryan was raised by his aunt and uncle, they took him in after his parent’s death.  He knows their wealth came at a price, but he wasn’t clear who was paying that price.  The family business was to go to poverty ridden countries, bring two beautiful  women who came from poor families and give them a home with them.  The promise of schooling and earning money was a lie, he knew that, but he could live with the women becoming prostitutes since they have the option to go home after a year.
Once Ryan had proven himself to his uncle that he was man enough to take part in the business, the truth of these
women’s lives became clear to him.  Along with the truth of the business, he is confronted with the fact that his “assistant” that he was given, wants more from him.  She wants Ryan to basically abuse her and have sex with her, but he cares too much for her to do that.  He is going to have to find a way to keep her from insisting she become an Ace and be abused by stranger. He has to keep her in the house with him so he can assure her safety.  Just as he thought he had all he could handle, the book ends when he comes face to face with the final destination of these used women and the one connection to his assistant.  Now he really has to come up with a plan or many women, including his Vera will face their death sooner than planned. I am dying to get my hands on the next book.  It rarely happens, but I have become addicted in less than 50 pages of a book.  Make sure you get your copy, this one is well worth the 99 cents.