His To Possess by Opal Carew

Jessica’s life was in ruins…until she met him.Standing in the rain feeling lost in a new city, with no job and no prospects, she’s about to give up. Until Dane Rainier pulls up in his limo and offers her a ride—and sweeps her into the life of her dreams. Now she has a high-powered job and is having the best sex of her life, exploring her submissive side under the masterful hand of a gorgeous billionaire.

But there’s a part of her that’s still holding back. Because the truth is, she’s never gotten over her ex-boyfriend Storm. A heavily muscled, motorcycle-riding rock musician, Storm couldn’t be any more different from Dane… and she just can’t get him out of her head.

Now Storm is about to reappear and turn her whole world upside down. Both Dane and Storm make her body burn to be possessed, but will her indecisive heart cost her the love of both men?

This is the first book of Opal Carew’s that I’ve read but I had heard many good things about her before so I had high expectations when I went into reading this and let me say… Didn’t let me down.
We follow Jessica through this 6 part book. She starts out as a girl who is looking for a job at a career fair when she thinks she sees her ex that had just up and left her a month before. It turns out it’s not him at all but another man that has striking similarities. Her ex was a free spirited, tatted up member of a rock band who left her to go on tour. This man is a business man, who from all appearances has quite a bit of money but he leaves her with a few helpful tips for the career fair before disappearing out of her life.
I had a hard time putting this book down because I wanted to see where it was going! There was a few twists and turns in the story that were a bit over used (like an ex from the past.. and more but I don’t want to give it away) but there is certainly a few I didn’t see coming and those were what made this an excellent H-O-T book. Only big downside besides seeing some of it coming was that I think since it is now been put together into one book from a 6 part book, there could’ve been a bit of editing to take out the ‘what happened last time’ since it is all together now.
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