Haunted Visions by Mary Reason Theriot

Detectives Mike Bailey and Grace Hutcherson are back once again. This time Detective Grace Hutcherson discovers her recent run in with the vampires has left her pyschic ability more pronounced. The dead are calling out to her, begging for her help. In order to stop the serial killer from taking more victims she must learn how to use her new abilities.

This book is about a serial killer that is haunted by voices in his head, most specifically his dead mother… whom he killed for tormenting him as he grew up. We don’t find out who the killer is till the very very end, which keeps the anticipation and mystery going all the way through.

That being said the first part of the book dragged for me. I didn’t realize there was a book before this one since it wasn’t listed as part of a series. There were mentions of fighting some vampire that opened or  changed something about Grace. Our heroine isn’t given a name until after we’ve been reading about her for a few pages. She is mentioned as Grace, then later as Hutch then Detective Hutchinson. I would like to have known her whole name when we first met her, it would’ve helped alleviate some of the confusion for me.

There was also a lot of typographical errors like saying emit when it should’ve been emitted or ‘perspective jars’ instead of respective jars and that really distracted me from the story.

The police work is a bit of a stretch for me in the beginning, but it does come more realistic towards the end. I have a lot of police and detectives in my family so from personal experiences and stories from them I know more of how things work at a crime scene and the fact that detectives do lose some of their sensitivity to such horrendous crimes as the ones committed in the book and the fact that the lead detective is still so affected made me really not relate to him at all or believe his story.

Grace, however, ended up being my favorite character as she learns more about her new abilities and what she can do with them.

The book ends with a few surprises that were a nice way to wrap up the book and make me interested to see where the characters would go in the next one.


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