Hasty Resolution by Sam Taylor Mullens

Jake, a US Marine, has been on a nonstop roller coaster ride in the Middle East for over a decade. While on a medical leave seeking help for PTSD he snaps and abducts a woman thinking it will be the remedy plaguing his thoughts. The woman, Liz, witnesses his hallucinations, night terrors and anxieties and quickly becomes sympathetic to his plight. A relationship between the two begins to flourish.
I’ve spent a few days mulling over how I want to rate this book.  For me, this was a tough one.  I mean, initially I thought that the plot seemed super intriguing and original – which it was—but there were other things that really detracted from this book for me.
First, the way the book is written left a little to be desired for me.  The tenses are confusing throughout the book and the dialogue between the characters seems stilted and doesn’t flow very well.  Also, in parts, there seemed to be problems with the pacing.  Overall, this book has a lot of potential, but needs some editing.
As far as what I did like, I really thought that Jake was an interesting and well developed character.  The way he is in the beginning was chilling, that’s the only way to describe it.  As you get to know him, he makes more sense and does begin to change from a monster to a man who is good underneath a multitude of problems that aren’t his fault.  As a veteran with PTSD, he endears himself to the reader by the end.  Plus, I think it’s great that the author is drawing attention to something that deserves to be highlighted: there are a lot of veterans with PTSD and they need help.
I didn’t feel that Liz was a very well developed character at all.  We learn more about Jake through her narrative, but as far as she was concerned I did not understand her motivations at all.  I certainly would not do what she did in her shoes.I really felt that my suspension of disbelief was pushed to the limits for this book.  The ending was good, in my opinion, but what started off as a chilling tale just became downright unbelievable at a certain point.  This is why I’m struggling with how to rate this.
I didn’t hate it, and I finished it to see where it would take me.  It’s a wild ride to be sure.  But at the end of the day it is beyond unbelievable and the writing really needs some work.  Because of that, I’m only giving it 2.5 stars.

How does one handle PTSD??? Psychological evaluation?? Medicines?? Or look for those beautiful blue eyes that kept you strong while in battle…?
For Jake the latter was the best option. He needed to find those beautiful blue eyes that kept him sane the whole time he was on tour overseas. But how?? In a hasty move he kidnaps Liz, the owner of those beautiful blue eyes, and whisks her away to Canada.
Liz is beyond scared. This man has abducted her, what does she do now? Will her family try to find her?
Jake is beyond scared, he just committed a crime. Not only did he abduct Liz, he also crossed the border to Canada. Is that considered human trafficking??
As they get to know each other Liz realizes that Jake means no harm to her. She learns about how the image of her
kept him alive. How he has been searching for her, and also learns the devastating news that her husband has decided to call off the search for her. The man that is supposed to love her has given up on her!!! That only makes the decision to stay with Jake alot easier.
But can you really fall in love with the man that has taken you from your family??? Liz decides to take this  opportunity to feel love again. To feel the strong arms of a man wrapped around her and to let loose.
Jake can’t believe Liz wants to stay, but all he wants is to show her how much he loves her.
Due to some circumstances Liz returns home, but her marriage has fallen apart. They only tried because of the kids. So after making a painful decision, will things ever be alright again???
Loved loved loved this book! This book seemed so tangible to me. It felt as if I was watching everything evolve in front of my eyes. I wish there was a little bit longer of and Epilogue! I want to know what happened after! 5 star review from me!