Harper’s Little Spitfire by Angel Steel

For the last 15 years, Sage Mathews has had her eye on one of the Harper brothers. Each time she came even remotely close to catching his eye, he ruined it by taking advantage of the closest woman around. Despite her many attempts of capturing his attention, she repeatedly ended up suffering from the pain yet again. Having been hurt for the last time, Sage decides to pull herself away from the bad boys of Laker. 
Fate had a different plan for her… Certain surprises have drawn Sage back into the path of the Harper brothers once again, this time exposing her to their interesting…predilections. Possessing secrets of her own, she is thrown into a world she never thought possible. 
One woman holds the Harper brothers’ hearts in the palm of her hands, but the true bad boy for her won’t allow her into his heart. Will he ever drop his guard down and finally feel the true love from a woman? Will she allow one of the Harper brothers into her heart? Or will he demolish her entirely for anyone else?

Sage has been in love with the Harper boys (all four of them) since she was a kid.  But, it seemed like every time she tried to let them know how she felt, they pushed her away.  Little did she know that they are all actually in love with her, but have decided to wait 10 years before they bring her into their world?  Will she be able to handle it once she understands what their world entails? Will the one brother that lacks an emotional connection to her ever feel  worthy?  Will she be able to pick just one Harper brother?
Well, once I came to terms with the fact that the Harper Brothers were actually going to pull on a gangbang on the virginal Sage, I was able to enjoy the book a bit more.  Yes, it weirded me out that they are brothers and would be laying pipe in the same exact location, but books require a certain suspension of disbelief.  You will need to exercise that here.
First, the positive of this book: the sex.  Oh sweet, merciful angels in heaven, the sex in this book is smokin’ hot.  Like,
really good.  At least two and a half of the stars I am giving this book are for the sex alone. What I found to be confusing is that the sex scenes were so good but the rest of the book, especially the dialogue, just didn’t work for
me.  The flow was just off in every scene but the sex scenes.  I’m not expecting Shakespeare every time I open a book.  I was entertained, which is the end goal, but the writing here is mediocre at best.  Also, the ending of the book kind
of made me angry.  I don’t expect it all to be wrapped up in a neat little package, but I’m not sure I liked where things were leading.  I’ll read the next book and be cautiously optimistic about it.  3 stars.
Let’s just start with what this book has going for it, SEX, a lot of sex and then more sex.  Just about any way you can think of doing it was done in this book.  Ok so this is a turn on for many readers, for me, it was a bit overdone, taking away from the plot of the story for me.  I had a difficult time connecting with any of the characters because every time I felt I was getting close to understanding them, they had sex and the plot disappeared again.
Sage has loved those Harper brothers since she was fifteen, but always kept it quiet from them.  Now she is a grown adult and runs a company. Even though she runs the company, she still is holding out for a meaningful relationship before she gives a man everything.  So when Logan, Caleb, Zeb and Mac Harper have taken notice of Sage and her womanly body they decide they should show her it is time for that meaningful moment, with all of them.  They plan to give her something she will never forget.  While she has stayed silent and tried to forget any dreams she had of the Harper brothers, they have been watching her for years, just waiting for her to become old enough to agree to what they have planned.
The plot was lost somewhere in between all of the hot scenes, but at times you could grasp that Sage was struggling
with the choice of which brother she wanted to be with.  Mac gave us readers a bit of intensity once in a while with his attitude that made me rather angry.  The other three brothers had a cute sexy way about them that would make a woman melt for their smile and charm.  Somewhere along the way in this story I became confused and the ending left me with more questions than answers.  What is up with Zeb? Throughout the story we were left with story lines that felt like it was getting started and then they were gone. I felt there were a few times she could have followed through with what she started and given us the plot and nonsexual action that I was wanting.  It was no wonder Sage was confused, but for this reader, sex isn’t everything. I know the scenes were by far the hottest sex scenes I have read, I needed more plot and less sex.

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