Death Came Calling by Donald Webb

When Katsuro Tanaka starts digging into the mysterious death of a prominent California lawyer, bodies begin piling up. Even though it has been two years since Tanaka left the police force, after the brutal slaughter of his spouse, Patrick, he still feels responsible for Patrick’s death, and suffers from bouts of depression and anxiety. His involvement in this case threatens to derail his fragile recovery. As he delves deeper into the lawyer’s death, tension escalates between him and his handsome lover. Discouraged, he all but throws in the towel, but when the antagonist threatens his young son, his raging anger spurs him into action.
A Katsuro Tanaka mystery.
Review for Death Came Calling by Donald Webb
Book provided by publisher for honest review.
Death Came Calling by Donald Webb is a M/M mystery/thriller. I normally can really get into a good mystery, but this one for me came up lacking. First of all, I gave up at about 75% into
this book. There isn’t one specific thing I can put my finger on to explain why the storyline didn’t work for me, more a bunch of small things that kept me from connecting to the characters.
The book has a lot of potential, but fell short. I never really connected with the MC a couple times there was a “dang that sucks” moment, but despite the fact that he lost his partner and was in grave danger I couldn’t get above luke warm for him. Also, his name was a bit of a distraction, I kept calling him “Guy” in my head as I read. I really wanted to love this book because I have found M/M to be my newest favorite subgenre in romance and I was excited to see how that translates to other genres.
Even though I didn’t finish the book, I do recognize the author’s potential and can see what he was going for with the book so it gets TWO stars from me instead of the standard DNF 1 Star.
Review by MJ for Crystal’s Many Reviewers.