Dark Spirit by Kate Douglas

 Romy Sarika has spent much of her life suffering at the hands of a sadistic cult leader. Twenty years earlier she watched him kill her mother, and now she awaits the same fate. But when the self-proclaimed prophet orders Romy  killed, the wolf part of her rises up and for the first time she shifts. Managing to save herself, she leaves death and chaos in her wake.Alone in the woods and badly injured, Romy is found by Jace Wolf and Gabe Cheval, two powerful and striking Chanku who help her heal and simultaneously unleash sensual desires in her that are as new and intense as her wolf-like abilities. But just as Romy’s opening herself to this new erotic world and the passionate connections she’s forming with both men, danger is closing in.

Bent on revenge and driven by bloodlust, cult members are pursuing the trio. Discovery could mean not just Romy’s death but destruction of the Chanku way of life. With their lives at stake and the Chanku race in jeopardy, the three must fight to save themselves and the future of their proud race.

This author is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors in the paranormal genre. I have yet to read one of their books that I haven’t completely enjoyed, and this was no exception.
I love the fact that with each book, we learn more and more about the Chanku, their history and what they are hoping for in the future. But not only that, these books all have something of their own that makes them stand out from the other books in the series.
In this book, there are some topics that are discussed that are extremely sensitive. Yet, once again the author’s  amazing writing ability makes it so that these scenes are written extremely well. They are done to add to the story, and not just thrown in for shock value.
The different characters in the story; Romy, Jace, and Gabe, are all extremely well written. I was left wanting for nothing when it came to them. They were all extremely well rounded and well written characters in my opinion.
The erotica/sex scenes that do happen in this book are just amazingly well done. The author is able to incorporate M/M scenes into the story in a way that just adds more to it overall. I do like the fact that the author portrays the different types of love between people in many different ways in the story.
My only complaint with this book, and the reason why it didn’t receive a 5 star rating from me, is multiple times throughout the book, Jace would refer to Romy as a “b**ch Chanku”. Now while I do understand why he was doing it, (it wasn’t done in a negative way at all), it just bothered me reading about him describing her that way multiple times.
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