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Aspiring writer and mother of two, i enjoy nothing more than losing myself to the rather mad cap workings of my imagination.
Blessed with some of the dearest friends, i have to admit that its through their guidance and perserverance that i am able to write what i feel and enjoy.
An avid book reader and a lover of long dark winter nights tucked up with a rather fruity
glass of red and my partner in crime J T Cheyanne, we aspire to conquer the world with our love of Vampire’s, angel’s and wolves alike. As well as some mighty fine Gods and a deluge of hot Gay romance.
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Memories of a Paranormal Childhood
Born to Irish parents most of my dearest childhood memories were of the times sat listening to the eerie tales told by my dad.  For hours he would keep my siblings and I completely enthralled with his spooky yarns of the banshee and the headless horseman.  But not all of his tales were born from myth. One story in particular will always stay with me, because for the first time, even though I was a child, I actually came to believe in the possibility that not everything is always as it seems. I’d never seen real fear or sorrow before, but as my dad spoke, real emotion filled his voice and he
held our hands within his own.
The story as he told it went back in time to when he and his brother Ted were young men. Those days in Ireland were hard, especially for farmers and big families, so it was common for brothers to share a room and a bed. My father remembered waking up in the early hours of the morning to find Ted pale of face, covered in sheen of cold sweat and shaking with fear.  Jumping from the bed, my father, worried for his brother asked what was wrong. Ted pointed to the end of the bed and explained to my father that he’d woke up after hearing someone whisper his name. He’d sat up thinking he was dreaming to find a priest standing at the foot of the bed.  Fear gripped him and he held on to my father as he went on to explain that the priest had spoken to him, warning Ted never to leave the emerald isle. Time
passed and as the years went by the events of that night were soon forgotten.
My father left the farm where he grew up and sought a life here in England. Once he was settled, he sent word back to his family. Ted was the first to come visit; he hadn’t been here five days when he received word that his son had
died. Twice after that Ted came to England, and with each visit he lost a member of his family. After that he headed the words of the priests warning and never left Ireland again.
As we all know, Ireland is steeped in folklore as well as myth, legends and magic, so it came as no surprise to find that even now as an adult, I’m completely enthralled by the supernatural world.  Some people regard its existence as nonsense and the silly beliefs of day dreamers and fiction readers.  But for me the supernatural world will always hold mystery and the answers to the questions believers such as me hope to one day find out.
The realm of the paranormal world is one that allows our fantasies to take flight and our imagination to run wild. But where does the line blur between fantasy and reality? And who are we to say the something other than us can’t possibly exist?

All of his life, Spencer Hightower dreamed of playing baseball in the Major Leagues. He survived growing up gay in rural Alabama due to his impressive skill on the baseball diamond. Now living in Rhode Island and playing for the AAA Pawtucket Red Sox, he’s only a few steps away from his goal.

Brock Kinkaid, CPA, faced each day with a smile that hid his deepest desire. He wanted to be a father. Unfortunately, the gay men he knew were not into the daddy scene. Resigned to being childless, he lavished his attention on his niece and nephew. When Corey won tickets to see the local baseball team in action, they suckered him into taking them despite the fact he loathed the game. Who would have guessed one homerun ball would change everything?


Born the son of a preacher man, Elijah Deacon always conformed to his father’s strict religious teachings. He worked hard, devoting his time and energy to the family owned construction firm, leaving little time to focus on the deplorable state of his private life. Small town America was no place to be when all a man craved was the touch of another man. Elijah hid his sexuality and tried in vain to convince himself he could be happy with a woman. Urged on by the dream of having the family he craved, Elijah couldn’t know a drunken one night stand would see him pay the ultimate price.

Leaving the bright lights of Atlanta and placing his own life on hold, paralegal, Seth Jacobs, moved to Alabama hopeful that with a baby on the way, his twin sister Bethany would
settle down. His older sister by five minutes, she gave him the confidence he needed while growing to come out and be proud of who he was. It was his turn to return the support. On arrival in Headland, Seth endeavoured to make her see the dangers her behaviour presented to her and her unborn child. But, to no avail.

When destiny deals a cruel blow, and the life of a new-born baby hangs by a thread, Seth and Elijah are flung together to deal with the tragic circumstances. The grief threatens to consume them, while joy and fear work to unite them. Jealousy, love, lies and bitter truths rise to the surface and threaten to tear them apart. Can the powers of love and life bring them together and heal the loneliness that death leaves behind? Or will circumstance prevail and fuel the embers of love that draw them together?

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