The Dreamer by M. King

Horacio is a man of science. He has poured himself into forging a career, a life…and just hoping that, somehow, the rest will take care of itself. Loneliness has stalked him for years, and he has never fully mastered the art of connecting with others. Only in his dreams does Horacio know the comfort and closeness of another’s presence, but is the figure that haunts his nights completely benign?
When Horacio is forced to confront his dreams—and the beautiful, terrible creature at their center—the truth might just be more frightening than his reality has ever been.
Horacio is a man of science and always looking for that scientific explanation for everything in his life. He has put everything into his career and sculpted how great a future for himself. He has been alone for many of his adult years as he has a hard time connecting with other people and especially other men. In his wild and very detailed dreams he finds the comfort from a presence but how real is this presence? After an accident leaves Horacio stuck in bed, he has no choice but to confront his dreams. The question remains is this presence only in his dreams or is it more real than he thought as the answer could be quite frightening.What I loved about this novella was the way the author wrote so fluidly in their explaining of how this character
became the person he is today. I loved the flashbacks from his earliest memories as I felt and understood him so much more. It was a fun and interesting read until I reached the his dreams as I felt confused at times regarding the presence and how the author was describing what was happening in the dreams. I wanted to keep going as I was very interested in what happens and how this presence will affect Horacio’s life. Will Horacio find something when comforting his dreams? Will he survive the outcome and more importantly, how frightening will the outcome of his dreams be? If you’re looking for a short read about the all and encompassing dreams than this novella is for you.