The Cougar Diaries, Part II by Aoife Brennan

Aoife Brennan is a divorced, middle-aged woman living in Dublin. This is the second year in her life following her first crazy year of freedom. Book One wowed the critics, Book Two is going to knock their sox off!
As we start this book, we see that Aoife is still struggling with the aftermath of divorce but she still isn’t willing to give up.  Her job is in constant danger it seems with the economy in Ireland and England.  She is trying to keep a roof over her two son’s heads after her husband decided he had enough of marriage and left. Being in her 40’s, dealing with a
father who is ill, raising two teenage sons who feel anger over the situation they are in, and trying to get a sex life, she struggles to balance it all.  Meeting Chris might be a great thing, he is a sex God, but will he want more than she can give.  With everything going on in her life is it even worth considering a relationship with him……….well for more than sex that is.  Oh but that will mean she will be back on the dating scene and as you read in the first book, that is tricky all on its own.
Let’s not forget she has to deal with her attorney who gives shark a new meaning.  Thank goodness she has the support of her brother and friends.  This series is a roller coaster ride of emotions for not only Aoife but for the reader.  I found I wanted to jump in the story to help her out, to offer comfort, to warn her about the pit falls she was about to head into. The author did a wonderful job with the character in bring each one a unique quality that adds to the story.  This story is real, there isn’t a lot of fluff and the intensity is realistic.  What do you do when you find you are alone, your husband has moved on with another woman, started a new family and you are left to pick up the pieces of your crumbled life and provide for your children.  It isn’t hard to believe that she would want and need a sex life to just get by, to survive the daily struggles of the economy suffering, the threat of your job disappearing and the anger she felt when she was left to keep the boat going while her ex was off enjoying his new freedom.
This is a wonderful series and you do need to read them in order as you go through this dark tunnel of life with her.  Don’t get the wrong idea though, it might be a dark tunnel but this woman is a fighter.  She will not give up and I find her inspiring to read about.  She is the true example of woman.