The Christmas Elf by Bonnie Bliss

Cassandra Cross is just a normal woman. She deals with her weight, being single, a slimy boss, and a cheeky best friend. At the company Christmas Party, Cassandra is fed up with her boss’s advances and heads out of town to be with her family on Christmas Day.Then the unthinkable happens.

Run off the road, knocked unconscious, and kidnapped by a creature out of a fairy story— Cassandra is tossed into a world of myth and legend. Told she is the rightful ruler of ‘The Realm’. Not just a ruler but a Fae Princess.

Bound, naked, and held against her will by a vengeful Dark Elf, Cassandra only has one hope of escape—Eridus. The White Elf is not just her rescuer, but also the future Elf King. Bringing with him his two brothers, Cassandra is not only going to find out the truth of her existence, but she is going to find out how good it feels to be taken by not just one hot, hung, hunky Elf King—but three hot, hung, hunky Elves.

I have read a few of this author’s books in the past and this the only one I have mixed feelings about.  I did enjoy it, but I was also confused about what was going on.  I really think that this book would have been a lot better as a longer story.  There could have been more added to it.
My one serious complaint about the story itself would be the brothers’ names.  It was really hard to keep track of who was who because the names were so close together.  But that is just me personally and I don’t feel like it took too much from the story in general.
The smutty scenes that take place in the book were very well written!  That is one thing that I can say about this authors works, the smut is completely smutty.  If you are looking for a quick read that has an amazing smut factor, then you should really check this book out. Overall though, I will look to see if the author is going to write a more detailed book with these characters in the future. As an erotica short, it was done really well.

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