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Kylie Jenkins has lived the past few years fearing for her life. She knows she must do whatever it takes to escape her current situation. With each assault, the injuries she sustains are more severe. She calls upon her childhood friends to help her escape, however it means moving away from everything she loves. Without knowing if she will ever see her family or friends again, she takes off in hopes of a new beginning. Her entire world is turned upside down until she is reunited with her childhood love and things start to look up. Cameron is the type of man she wants to spend her life with, he is fun, sensitive, considerate, and sexy.

Unfortunately, for Kylie, her dangerous past seems to be sneaking up on her. Strange things start happening to her, making her feel apprehensive and afraid. Her friends assure her that she is safe, but they start to think Kylie might be a bit paranoid. Will Kylie finally have her storybook romance? Or will her love and desire for Cameron be tainted from the start?

Shay’s Guest Review:

I just finished Tainted Desire and I really liked it.  Cameron and Kylie are so cute together and you honestly want nothing but the best for them.  Kylie was friends with Courtney and Cameron (twins) when they were younger and
of course it’s called puppy love but then Cameron and Courtney have to move.  She keeps in touch with Courtney over the years so they are still very good friends.  Kylie ends up getting into a bad relationship with Dylan.  He abuses her and basically keeps her prisoner till she cannot take it anymore.  Courtney and Kylie devise a plan and she escapes to OH where they live.  She wants to start over.  She doesn’t want to be controlled, she doesn’t want to look over her shoulder anymore, to leave everything in the past but little does she know that the past always catches up to you no matter how hard you try.


I really liked the story; I thought it flowed really well.  I did feel at times that it was a bit rushed.  Did it take away from the story, nope I still enjoyed it.  I really liked how it was in both of their point of views.  I feel like you get a better idea of what everyone is feeling when it is like that.  Cameron was sexy, loyal and he is a racecar driver.  How much more hot can you get!  Kylie was awesome.  I did feel really bad for her and was hoping that she would overcome the  obstacles in her life.  It did take a turn that I was not expecting.  I was shocked to say the least.


My favorite part is when you find out that Cameron gets his sponsor!  You will know what I mean when you read it!  Smokin HOT!!!  The chemistry overall between them is hot.  You will be fanning yourself for sure.


My least favorite is how quick things progressed between them.  I understand that you pick up where you left off but within 1 day, its I love you and one week later its I’m going to buy you a diamond.  So not that fast.   Also, just coming out of an abusive relationship you would think that you would be hesitant.  Did it take away from the story for me, a bit but was able to bypass it and still enjoy it.


I love Courtney, she is just awesome.  She is a friend that you will want and be so ever thankful that you have.


If you are looking for a sexy quick satisfying read, this one is for you.
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