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*Please note this is the first book in the New Adult Series called Holding Ransom.*One bad decision…a tragedy that can never be undone…and upon the ruins of devastation love grows…

No one knows as well as Lexie Adams how your whole world can change in a fraction of a second, she’s lived with that reality ever since a horrible event stole her future. But worse than what happened after, is living with the concept that she’s to blame for it all.

From as far back as Ransom Sanders can remember, his days have been an endless string of venues, hotel rooms, cheap diner food, and nothing to call his own. He knows he’s good for two things, pleasing everyone but himself and taking care of his younger brother Gabriel, a celebrity faith healer and medium.

When fate pushes Lexie and Ransom’s paths together they develop a relationship based on mutual necessity, where they use each other to get what they need. Yet what begins as a Pandora’s box of secrets and ulterior motives, soon becomes something so much more than either Ransom or Lexie thought they could have. A chance for something that is uniquely their own, a safe place to fall where their broken spirits can be healed, and where love isn’t just a word it’s a reality.

Fate has a way of controlling your life, even when you don’t give it your permission.  That is the bases of this whole story for Ransom and Lexie.  Two people thrown together by fate, looking for the same things, acceptance, forgiveness and answers.

Lexie is your normal 19 year old, thinking she has the right to do what she wants, when she wants it.  Being the child of a divorced couple she lives with her mom, a mother with strict rules and a deep commitment to keeping her daughter safe from the evils of the world that she sees daily.  Once choice, one betrayal, one mistake ruins Lexie’s world.  What she is left with is the over powering guilt and need for answers and forgiveness.
Ransom knows what regret and guilt feels like.  Having a father who is as mean as they come and a mother who is so submissive to her husband that she has to sneak around to buy Ransom a gift as a child, he sees what lack of action and an abundance of anger can do to a family.  He has a younger brother who is sick and disabled, but he is also known as the Spiritual Guide/Medium who is put on display nightly to help connect the dead to the living.  Ransom’s father hates him, Gabriel is the golden child, he brings in the money, he obeys his fathers rules.  All this changes one night when a tragic event happens.  Ransom is left wondering if his brother is alive and running from his fathers accusations that he is to blame.
Lexie and Ransom meet, they connect in many ways, and as the story goes on, Lexie has to shed light on why she is wanting to be with Ransom.  Will he feel used by yet another person in his life or will he admit he has been using her as well?
The story for me drags a lot, I had a hard time investing myself with most of the characters.  While the plot is very interesting, I just didn’t
feel the emotional connection to the characters and story as I thought I should have.  I do love the messages of forgiveness by others but
especially yourself.  The author gives us a great foundation that second chances can happen in life and we must be willing to accept them.  I adore the whole process of Fate being involved in everything we do.  Even when we think are are controlling our own destiny Fate is really at the drivers seat in our existence.  There were emotional scenes, most of which could have been more intense as far as I am concern, but they were written well enough that you could have empathy for the situation.  I did enjoy the book and I would say that it would be a great read for many of you, but I am sad to say it didn’t leave me wanting more.

Denise Mathew loves good chocolate, lots of coffee, her kids and husband, when they behave, and of course writing stories. She believes that housework should be banned and wishes that potato chips were the most healthy and nutritious food on the planet.


She worked as a pediatric nurse for eleven years, once owned an online jewelry business and even taught English in Thailand.
She plans on writing until the stories run out, something she hopes never happens.