My Real by Mallory Grant

Shattered, betrayed, and divorced, Bailey James has been burned by the only man she’s ever loved. Bailey wants nothing more than to spend her summer off from teaching alone reading in her oversized pajamas and eating chocolate. Love is nowhere on her radar, until her best friend drags her out to celebrate her new bachelorette status.Humiliated, destroyed, and broken. Andrew Cooper is in search of something real. He’s tired of living with a fake woman and her demands. However, his ex-wife won’t let go and take the hint that he can no longer love a manipulative, cheating woman. Running into old college crush, Bailey James, has Andrew believing that he’s finally found something real–something worth fighting for.

Andrew needs to convince Bailey that they can be together and love happily ever after and break free from their broken pasts. But will his jealous ex-wife and Bailey’s fear of revealing her secret ruin their chance for becoming each other’s real?
 Shay’s Guest Post:
I just finished My Real and I really liked it.  It is a very cute story and I love Andrew and Bailey.  They are so cute and I am so glad that they got their second chance.  Who doesn’t love stories like that!!
Bailey and Andrew met in college, it was immediate for both of them but Bailey is shy so Andrew didn’t think that she liked him like that so he starts dating Jessica which is Bailey’s friend.  Years later you find out that Bailey is divorced and Andrew is divorcing Jessica.  They have a little girl named Emerson and she is one of the cutest little girls that you will read about!   Jessica cheated on Andrew constantly and he was fed up.  Dave cheated on Bailey so they both know what it is like to go through that.   Bailey is at dinner with Ella (her best friend) when she sees Andrew.  It is instantaneous.  It is like time didn’t pass for them.  Fate is what I would call it.
Andrew is sexy, sweet and is such a loveable person; you cannot help but fall for him.  Bailey is a sweet girl, she is loyal, caring and you honestly want nothing but the best for her.  Even though they both go through obstacles, this is
what needed to happen for them to be together.  Their chemistry is off the charts.  It was a beautiful thing to read.
 They secondary characters were awesome.  I just love Ella.  She is the type of friend that you would want.  She is very protective of Bailey and is hesitant about Andrew.  I’m so glad that she was that way and needed time to get to know Andrew since Bailey already knew him.  Jake (Andrews friend) was awesome too.  I like how he was friends with Andrew and Bailey through college and that he was still around.  You usually don’t read that and since he knew both of them it was easy to bring him into the mix.
I loved the story line.  Anything for second chances is my thing.  I thought the story flowed well even when it went back into the past.  I also loved how it was in both of their point of views.  You definitely get a feel for them and it helped me not think that this relationship was rushed.
The only thing I didn’t like was Bailey’s reaction to some things in the story.  Yes I know that there has to be some conflict, but what happened about talking about things.  It was always a runaway thing and I kind of got on my nerves.  Did it take away from the story, no but I didn’t think it was needed.
If you are looking for a feel good story, then this one is for you.