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M.S. Willis is a romance novelist whose debut novel, Control, was released in 2013.  Although currently writing in the romance genre, Willis has plans to expand her literary pursuits into multiple genres and has no fear conquering difficult subject matters in her writing.  Willis is a native Floridian who is also a photographer and musician.  When not absorbing herself in written, visual or musical expression, Willis is an adrenaline junkie, a ‘closet’ video game
enthusiast, and an avid outdoors person and nature lover.
It was a normal morning.
I woke up and padded barefoot out into the kitchen to start up the coffee maker.  I stood there, staring at the machine, my foot tapping impatiently while I waited for it to brew.
Graciously, the machine beeped and I poured myself a large cup, wrapping my hands around the warm mug, chasing off the chill of the evening.  Winter had set in, a time when families looked forward to the holidays and children ran around bundled in their jackets as they played in the snow.
The sky was a constant grey at this time of year, the nights settling faster and darker over the city.
I worked the graveyard shift at my low paying job and I groaned knowing that I would have to get up and walk several miles in the cold.  There had been disappearances around town lately.  Women going out to random places, not returning home – never to be seen again.
Normally I wouldn’t have thought anything of it; a missing person every once in a while was to be expected. I knew the world wasn’t perfect, knew that nightmares existed beyond the walls of my small apartment. However, the recent
rash of disappearances made me nervous.
It was too frequent and a little too close to home.
Finishing off my cup, I placed the dirty cup in the sink, too tired to wash it out and I walked into my room to get dressed to leave.  I had thirty minutes to get to the craptastic job that barely paid me enough to keep a roof over my head and ramen noodles in my stomach; so I rushed out the door, forgetting to grab the pepper spray I always carried in my pocket.
The wind collided against my face, instantly chapping my cheeks and lips.  My eyes watered and my vision distorted when I breathed out a large breath, the air around me puffing up into gossamer clouds from the heat of my body.  I pulled the hood farther over my head and shoved my hands in my pockets balling over myself as I trudged down the road.
The moon was full that night, streamers breaking through the branches of the trees that lined my street.  The fog was thick and the streetlamps fought against the thick soup in the air.  It was quiet except for the howling of the wind through the trees and I hurried my steps, desperate to reach the corner of this dark road and out into the light of the city streets.
A bird’s wings fluttered loudly above me and I startled, slipping on ice beneath my feet and looking up into the trees looking for the animal that I’d heard.  I laughed to myself when I saw the crow that sat on the branch.  Seemingly, unaffected by the cold, it looked down at me with its beady eyes; turning its head back and forth as it stared.  One loud caw and it took off, flying lonely into the night.  Pushing myself up, I let out a frustrated huff, and rubbed my butt and legs where they’d slammed into the ground.  I brushed off the dirt and started back on the path towards work.
I’d rounded the last corner of the road between the city and my apartment, my eyes locked to the headlights of the cars that passed up ahead.  I could see the faint outlines of the people who walked up and down the streets and their voices became audible, small murmurs due to their distance away.
A streetlight flickered in front of me, catching my eye and causing me to look up and away from the road.  It flashed powerfully, electric sparks erupting from the white dome before the light fizzled out entirely.
I looked back down and my eyes landed on his silhouette.
He was black against the lights of the city streets, casually leaning against the lamp I’d just watched die above my head.
I jumped back, searching his face, only able to see his eyes in the darkness that surrounded him.
They glowed blue, the color unreal and unnatural – almost as if they emitted a light of their own.  My hand went to my pocket and I cursed under my breath for having forgotten the spray.
I was defenseless.
He pushed up from the pole, slowly placing one foot in front of the other when he approached me.   I stepped back, glancing over my shoulder, judging whether I could make it to my apartment before he caught me.  Returning my  attention to him, I fell backwards to find him practically on top me, his speed silent and blinding – a skilled predator capturing his prey.
He bent over to grab me.
His strong hands locked around my arms and he pulled me to my feet.  I struggled against him, but he held me up,
my toes barely touching the ground.  The city disappeared in the distance, black wings springing out from behind him,
the ruffling of the feathers the same of the bird from before.  I didn’t believe it and my mind was unable to process what was happening.  It couldn’t be real.  These things don’t happen.
My skin prickled beneath my coat, the thick material not strong enough to block the violent cold that washed over me from the beat of his wings.  Within seconds, we were airborne, my vision tunneling almost instantly, the shock overtaking me so that I passed out in his arms.
I felt a hand against my cheek and I opened my eyes.  The sounds of the city were a symphony below me and I looked at the most beautiful face I’d ever seen.  His eyes still glowed like incandescent jewels and the light of the rooftop where he held me streaked across the violent cut to his jaw.  He looked me over, his eyes sliding across my body, his intent written across the expression on his face.  I reached up and ran my hand along his cheek, my palm finding his skin smooth, but cold.  He leaned down, running his lips along my throat, eventually finding my mouth and moving against me like I was the last woman left in the world.  The sound again, the rustling of feathers and I opened my eyes to find his wings surrounding us, sheltering us in our own private place away from the moon and stars.  We were surrendered to darkness and I gasped to feel his hands on my body.
I feared this was a dream, that I was luxuriating in a fantasy that couldn’t possibly be true.  My life was too boring, always stuck in a never ending cycle of work and home, barely finding time to date much less embark on magical journeys like this.  I blinked against the dark, but then reached out and ran my hands down the soft strength of his wings.  He shuddered against me, his breath coming out faster now that I’d touched the hidden part to him.
“Are you an angel?”
He chuckled against my skin, his response spoken in a deep timbre that vibrated along my body.  “Depends on what you consider would be an angel.  Most humans think we come from Heaven, that we flutter around – guardians of some beautiful world.  And while those do exist, I’m not one of them.  I come for much more sinister purposes, from a darker place that not many people want to dream about.”
He smiled – the gesture wicked and crude.
My breath caught and I shivered at the return of his lips on my body.  I listened to his wings brushing against each other above us and I was lost to whatever he had planned.  My hands ran down the feathers again, and I smiled against his lips, a woman seduced by the darkness that touched me.
It was too much, and my curiosity got to me.  Breathlessly, I whispered, “Why me?”
“Because you have been chosen, Anna.  I dreamed that we would be together, that you are the only human left who can bear a child for my species.”
I tensed immediately, my heart shattering to realize what he’d just told me.  Pushing him away, I teared up when he held me to him.  “You will not escape me, Anna.  We are meant to be together.”
I cried harder, struggling once again, desperate to be out of his arms.
He looked at me, his eyes flashing a brilliant blue when he asked, “Do you fear me.”
I sniffled and brought my hand up to run it along his cheek.  “No…”  My heart was splitting apart from the soul
crushing pain of what I had to say. “No…I’m not scared – it’s just – I’m not Anna. You…you grabbed the wrong
girl.  But, if you’ll give me a chance, I can be her, I can be anybody you need me to be.”
His eyes widened and a sad expression came over the perfection of his features.  “Forgive me.”  He placed his hand over my face and I woke up, cold and alone, back in my apartment.
. . .
“So, let me get this straight.  You’re telling me that you were late to work because you were abducted by a dark angel who thought you were a girl named Anna, and he wanted to make little angel babies with you?”I nodded my head, not caring that the story sounded impossible.  I knew it was true, I’d lived it.  I batted at the tear streaming down my cheeks and I tried not to think about how heartbreaking it had been that I wasn’t the one he wanted.
“Yeah, you know what:  I’m sorry, Melissa, but I’m sick of these fabricated stories you keep coming up with for being late to work.  I mean, being attacked by zombies, having to fight off an evil emperor who was intent on making you his queen, and now you’ve been abducted by an angel?  It’s too much and I think you have a problem and should seek professional help.  We’re letting you go.  You can pick up your last check in a week.”
He stared at me as I gathered my things to leave.  “I have to ask;  why an angel?  Why would you want to be abducted by an angel?”
I smiled shyly and confessed, “Because they have wings, because they can fly.”
He looked at me like I was crazy and I shrugged.  Not able to say anything else, I got up to walk back out into the cold, dark night.  I made it home without any problems and let myself into the apartment to find my best friend sitting on the couch watching T.V.
“What are you doing home so soon?  Don’t you have work?”
I sighed.  “I just got fired.”
She stared at me dumbfounded, this was the fifth job I’d lost this year.  “Were you late again because you were reading and lost track of time.”
She laughed, shook her head and returned her attention to the T.V.  I let another tear fall and leaned back against the couch, not worried about the job, trying to figure out which book I would read next.

Content Warning: This book contains graphic sexual situations, mature language and explicit description of physical and sexual violence.

There is a fine line between genius and madness…

Between love and hate,

Between right and wrong.

Joseph had created The Estate for her…

His wife,

The woman he chose to bear his child.

She was beauty unsurpassed;

And her song was unlike anything he’d ever known.

However, their love was a story that would not find a happy ending.

In this prequel novella to the Estate series, follow Joseph Carmichael as he creates a world unlike any other. Because, in order to comprehend The Estate, you must understand Joseph; but, in order to understand Joseph, you must discover how a man falls from light into the pitch black depths of ultimate darkness.

Joseph Fallen is the prequel novel to Madeleine Abducted – Book One of The Estate Series. Each book in the series is a stand alone novel with no cliffhangers.


Content Warning – This book contains graphic sexual situations, mature language and explicit description of sexual violence.

She was meant to be his destruction…

A pawn played in a perilous game between

father and son…

Yet, her strength was more than either  man could imagine.

As Maddy learns to save herself…

She becomes the one thing that could set the son free.

Madeleine Clark was raised to become a concert cellist. Sheltered and naïve, she remains hidden behind her music, a protection from the world around her. On the night of her first solo performance, Maddy accepts the admiration of a stranger and finds herself captive in a cruel and twisted power struggle between a sadistic father and his son, Aaron.

Seemingly dangerous and uncaring, Aaron manages the business operations of his father’s estate. Wanting nothing to do with the slaves kept at the Estate, Aaron refuses to take part in the deeper depravities of his father. Despite his resistance, Aaron’s father ‘gifts’ him with a petite, brunette woman he can’t refuse.

A bond forged in conspiracy and deceit, Aaron struggles to save Maddy by teaching her to survive in the world in which he’d been raised. An unlikely union, Aaron soon learns that great strengths can exist within small packages, while Madeleine learns that love and light can exist in the darkest of places.

Madeleine Abducted is Book 1 of The Estate Series. Each book is a stand alone and will not have cliffhangers.

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