Morgan Jane Mitchell Spotlight!

Morgan Jane Mitchell is the author of the bestselling dystopian science fiction, Sanguis City. Sanguis City has been called a great blend of paranormal, urban fantasy, dystopia and erotica.The next book in her vampire series, Carpe Noctem will be released the beginning of February 2014.
Morgan Jane will be signing books in New York City on March 15, 2014 visit  for tickets and information!

Witch-turned-daywalking-demon Rachel Morgan needs to save the demonic realm of the Ever After in the eleventh entry in the New York Times bestselling Hollows series from supernatural adventure master Kim Harrison.
When Rachel sets off a chain of events that could lead to the end of the world—demonic and human—she must use her gifts to save those closest to her while preventing an apocalypse.
Satisfying and sexy, a visit to the Hollows will take readers on a wild journey that will capture
their imagination. Fans of Charlaine Harris and Stephenie Meyer won’t be able to resist Kim Harrison’s alternative universe—urban fantasy Cincinnati complete with vampires, witches, and other enchanting creatures—where spine-tingling adventures and fast-paced action are the norm.

Morgan’s Review:
Why am I reviewing a book that came out almost a year ago? Because the next in the series comes out in February 2014, and after reading Ever After there has been no other book I am eagerly awaiting more than The Undead Pool. When it comes to paranormal/ urban fantasy, this series is my favorite and one I would highly recommend to anyone who reads this genre. With a little of everything, witches, vampires, living and dead, werewolves, demons, elves and others in an alternative but modern history/future world with a kick ass heroin, how could urban fantasy fan miss
it? So let’s revisit the last in the series.
There’s nothing better than visiting the Hollows. You know, Kim Harrison’s post ‘attack of the genetically engineered tomato’ world set in the Cincinnati area where Witch gone day walking Demon, Rachel Morgan, lives and works in a church with a needy living Vampire, a bad mouthed Pixy and his 56 kids. Sounds nuts, doesn’t it? But it is not! Harrison has engineered a universe that sucks you in, it feels real, no matter how improbable. I sneezed a few times too many the other day and thought the demon Al was calling me!
Rachel Morgan’s world is believable and fascinating. When you laugh when a pixy says “tink’s dildo” you know you too are in Rachel’s world. The books get better every year, Ever After being the best thus far. Overall heartbreaking and mending, Ever After tied up some plots while leaving the main one to thicken around more important central themes like the Rosewood disease that Rachel survived with Trent’s dad’s illegal bioengineering. The conflict is something we knew was bound to happen, and it’s wonderfully refreshing to get some resolution.
Characters have grown and, hopefully, some are ready to move on. I love these books because Harrison doesn’t waste time trying to impress me with big words or at length descriptions, but I know these characters and this world so well in the end. She writes more through action and interaction. I learn more about each character in each book. She doesn’t spoon feed me, telling all about everyone right away. There would be no story if everyone and everything was revealed so easily. How else would I have been able to both hate and love Trent and Al? Even Rachel, who we have come to know so well has grown and changed before our eyes. We watch these characters experience and react; we feel what they feel. It is well done and without a lot of explanation to get anyone up to speed. Read the other books already!
Not a lot of new characters this time, allowing the story to center on the people we care about. Ever After had very
little Ivy, who I am tired of, and those scary dead vampires. My favorite of the new characters are some huge gargoyles who make one of the best scenes in  the book possible. Also absent was much involvement with the I.S. or the F.I.B. No werewolves, thank the goddess (haha), because there hasn’t been one developed in this series that I care to read about. I don’t think Rachel used her splat gun once.  The Elves and Demons were the much needed focus. They
are the most entertaining species in the series in my opinion. – All this you probably could have guessed, because most of the story is in the Ever After, just like the title suggests.
Beware! Now for the spoilery part of the review (after all, this book has been out for a year).  If you don’t like minor spoilers, read no more…
We learned what Al really looked like, awww! I really didn’t know how it was going to all get resolved this time because Rachel was pitted against, Ku Sox who is a frightening soul eating, demon that even Newt can’t kill. I felt as desperate as Rachel. The ride was wild. I didn’t know who to trust, who to kill, or who to save. I can’t believe Harrison pulled off the ending so well. I didn’t see how she could get there but she did and it didn’t feel cheap. A couple main characters died. In hindsight, I never liked them anyway, but I hurt for them at the time. The ending, after the ending that tied up the conflict, made me mad as hell that the book wasn’t longer! Why did Al have to show up? And couldn’t Kim throw us all a bone?! I love that these books are light on romance but a pinch more would make it better. Ever After is worth reading just for the end that sets up the next book perfectly.
Since I read this book a year ago, I have also read a companion short story and 2 chapters into the unreleased, The Undead Pool. I was honored to meet Kim Harrison at her book signing in the Hollows (Cincinnati) where she whispered some insider information in my ear. She said if I loved the end of Ever After, I would love The Undead Pool. Those who’ve read will know how exciting that is! So far, the first two chapters have not disappointed, but there is a twist that will leave fans of the series on their knees … O.O Bravo, Kim, Bravo!!
Trouble follows Noir as she escapes the vampire culture into The Fringe, where the most rebellious humans dwell. Among them, she just might find the witch to make her one wish come true, if he doesn’t find her first.
She soon finds out it’s no fun being an unlicensed bleeder in the city of blood, especially one that has to deal with being the better half of a vampire god. Being juiced used to be her biggest fear until she finds out the alternative. Mandatory service sounds a lot like slavery to Noir. Good thing her sexy captor has a bigger problem, they all do…
With the city on lockdown trying to flush out the designers of the latest zombie virus, talk of a rebellion puts everyone on edge. The bleeders are caught in the middle, enforcing curfews and sanctions to punish all humans. Noir may be busy fighting her own battles with the men in her life but she can’t ignore her place in the upcoming battle for long.
With demons reappearing, friends changing and her lover taken, how will she cope? Is she a pawn in a more sinister plot or is she the key to saving the city? What will happen when Noir decides to seize the night?
Hi. My name is Loraine, and I am not a sex addict, but there isn’t a support group
for my problem.
25-year-old Loraine Wynter’s has always been in control. She takes what she  wants, from a new man every night, and leaves. Too bad this has cost her her last job and landed her in the local sex addict’s anonymous group where she is certain she doesn’t belong. Within this group of weirdos and degenerates, she sees a familiar face.
Hi. My name is Rick, and I need sex multiple times a day, it doesn’t matter where or
who with… I can’t always control myself.
Richard Mahoney may be the gorgeous 30-year- old, successful owner of Table 21, but he has
lost more than Loraine could ever imagine because of his obsession.
After learning all her secrets, Loraine’s new boss Rick is determined to fix her with his own brand of therapy. After digging deeper, Loraine finds that her boss needs more than just physical healing. Can they repair each other so they can be with other people?
Loraine never thought her lifelong crush, Stephan would be interested in her but she has never let a man in. Rick is the only man that has ever turned down the rich, single Molly Sanders, because his issues will only scare her away.
With both Loraine and Rick longing for a normal life, will a pact between them be the answer to both their problems?  Or are they getting in too deep?

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