Midwinter Night’s Dream By Whitley Gray

Two years ago, Joe Blake lost his secret lover, firefighter Bryce Marshall. Grieving, Joe left his job as a fireman and paramedic to become the spokesmodel for undergarment company Escalade. They lured him into the limelight and drove him deeper into the closet. Modeling doesn’t provide fulfillment; Joe wants privacy and to feel useful again. A holiday at his mountain cabin outside Denver is the perfect escape. The last thing he anticipated, or wanted, was sharing his retreat with another man.Last Christmas, actor Errol Lockhart discovered boyfriend Carson had stolen a play. Carson accused Errol and then blackballed him in the theater community. Some Christmas that was. Now Errol has to take whatever work he can to survive. Delivering a singing telegram during a blizzard isn’t wise, but it pays double and rent is overdue. He’s got dreams, notof a white Christmas, but of getting a shot at Hollywood. He’s determined to make it, if he survives this storm.

As Joe and Errol ride out the blizzard, more than marshmallows get toasty in front of the fire. When Errol discovers Joe’s identity, he’s sure he’s found his way in, his big break. But Joe won’t sacrifice Errol to the Hollywood sharks. Unless they can forge a compromise, they’re going to wake from their midwinter night’s dream to lumps of coal in their stockings.

I really really wanted to fall head over heels in love with this book!  Because honestly come on here, we have the knight in shining armor and the defenseless man in distress.


I really wanted too, now don’t get me wrong I still did enjoy the story, but I just felt there was so much lacking from it over all. Even come the end of the book, I was still confused about Errol’s feelings towards Joe.  Was he with him because he actually wanted to be?  Because when Joe asked what his wish was, with the response that was given it made me wonder if that was the only reason he wanted to be with him.
I did like how realistic Joe and Errol’s characters were though.  It was really easy to connect with Joe and how he just wanted to be a simple man again after living the life he did.  Errol’s character was just to, needy for my taste.  It felt to me like he was complaining throughout the book on the bad things that have happened to him.
It was still a good book and the smutty scenes were really good as well.  I just felt let down overall.
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