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Writing is great therapy for my own personal fight against MS.  Being a Louisiana native I wanted  my books to be about places in Louisiana that would piqué interest in this beautiful and unique state. My books are meant to draw the reader in with the diverse culture, characters, and locations. It is my hope readers not only enjoy the books I write, but also develop a desire to experience the  unique culture Louisiana has to offer!


Welcome to my paranormal realm.   The witches who live here are complex and mysterious, yet powerful.  Their inner soul is full of passion and fire.


In this magical world we are one with the earth and control the elements.  They bend to our will.


In this realm of witches, we cast spells and even put a hex on anyone who crosses us.  Magic is readily available at our fingertips.  We practice white magic, but also know how to use black magic when it is called for.


The entrance to our realm is hidden deep in the swamps of Louisiana.  My home sits on timbers high above the bayou.  Lapping water slaps against the pirou tied to the pier.  The call of a whippoorwill breaks the stillness of the morning.


Each morning I wake and greet the sun as the land around me is kissed by the morning light.  I am a healer, teacher, seeker, giver and protector of all things.


With my extensive knowledge of herbs I create potions to heal.  This is a most revered gift.  Today I must prepare a potion for a woman plagued with horrific migraines.


Entering my special room, the flames from the hearth cast flickers of light that dance across the shelves of various size jars and glasses.  Near the hearth is a pedestal that holds my most prized possession, a spell book.  Ancient inscriptions are drawn on the cover.  The parchment stained brown, ink the color of blood flows across its lines only from my touch.  The book also informs me which plants to gather during the crescent moon, their leaves and blossoms drying to be used for spells.


My fingers glide over the pages slowly looking over the incantations in search of the potion.  Running my finger over the spell once more.  “Yes, this is what I need.”


I peruse the bottles and jars on the shelves.  Their labels all written in an ancient language only I can understand.  Each bottle glows a different color, depending on the potion or ingredient it holds.  Some glow a brilliant red, some a brilliant blue, others a fiery orange and some a ghastly green.


From a glass jar I draw a long pinch of the white powder and sprinkle it evenly over the potion bubbling in the cauldron hanging over the blue flame of the hearth.  I peruse the charms and various decanters in search of the next ingredient.  Removing the small bottle I drop a small amount into the potion and watch as it diffuses into a blood red cloud.  Once again I search for my next ingredient.  With a frown I realize my supply is almost exhausted.  The next crescent moon I must gather ingredients once again.


Adding a small dash of the ingredient, the potion clarifies.  The potion simmers for a few more minutes.  Hovering my hand over the cauldron’s contents, I recite the incantation.  The brew turns from a glowing red to a vibrant yellow once it is done.  Now to heal my patient.  The life of a traiteur is never ending.
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Caitlyn Reed is starting her life. Her deceased boyfriend bequethed her his entire estate, including the plantation where he committed inhumane horrors. Could it be fate calling her back to the plantation? If she sets the trapped souls free will she finally find peace in her own life? Little does Caitlyn Reed know that Gregory will not let death stop him from making her his



Bianca (voodoo queen from “A Deadly Combination”) joins forces with Joshua (the master vampire from “CarnEvil of Souls”). Together they create a powerful army of zombies. First, they will control New Orleans and then the world. Evil is on their side, good has no chance of survival.

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