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Magen loves creating worlds for her readers to get lost in and characters to fall in love with. She loves to read and spends as much of her free time with her husband, family and friends as possible. She lives in the beautiful state of Idaho and loves everything about it, the summers where she enjoys camping, BBQ’s with friends, and the farmers markets. She especially loves the winters finding them to be magical when they blanket the mountains and trees with snow. Believing life is what you make of it she follows her dreams with the support of her family and friends.



If you could be any paranormal/supernatural creature, what would you be and why?
I’ve been asked this question before and it seems to change each time depending on what I am either reading or  writing or simply obsessed with at the time. I think I finally know, for sure, what I would want to be, drum roll please… A  Hybrid!
Yep, I am a total cheater <3 but here’s the thing, I have written a lot of different paranormal creatures, I’ve read about
a lot of amazing creatures that my fellow authors have created and as weird as I feel saying this,  I would go with one
of my own characters/creatures. I happen to think that Sophia and Andre from my Half-Blood Princess and North American Pack series have some cool and unique gifts. As Witch/Vampire hybrids who are capable of shifting, they cover my three favorite paranormals.
 I have a fascination with Vampires, I think I always have. There is something undeniably sexy about the vampires of our generation. They are less scary and more yum. We have shifted this paranormal creature of the night from something of nightmares and horror stories to love interest. Have you all read the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost? What about the Mark of the Vampire series by Laura Wright? Well I have two words for you; Bones and Lucian.  Ok I’ll get back on point before I start telling you about how Lucian is not my book boyfriend, but my book husband!
With shifters, the whole idea is relatively new to me and actually it was Katie Reus’ Moon Shifter series that first sparked my intrigue of the shifter world, here again we have strayed from the original lore of this creature, and I have to say that I love the less out-of-control, rip you apart version of the wolves we see in the paranormal romance genre. As far as wanting to be part shifter those are the Weres I am speaking of, though I do love a good bad kind of shifter novel from time to time… check out Dehumanized by Michael Loring if you want a rip ‘em up kind of werewolf story
(it is a fantastic take on Lycanthropy)
And finally as far as Witches go, I blame it all on Charmed, yep I love and still adore that show, and who wouldn’t want to be able to whip up a little magic now and then? Ah the spells I would love to cast 😉
 So yes, a cheater I may be, but Sophia and Andre wrap my top three paranormals into one Hybrid I would love to be.
There are at least three reviews I would love to share with you all, but I decided to go with The Gathering by S.L. Dearing.
S.L. is both an amazing writer and truly beautiful person. I had the pleasure of meeting her at a book festival in Seattle, where I was lucky enough to meet both Brandy L. Rivers and Sarah M. Credit as well. I know, I was one lucky lady. Anyhow on to my review!
Well first I want to set up this amazing journey for you.
Thirteen years have passed since another World War has wiped out all that we used to know. There are no more countries.  No more government… only survivors who have created a new world made up of small colonies.  The Gathering takes place in the village of Lia Fail which sits in the Hollywood Reservoir in the Santa Monica Mountains. The settlers of Lia Fail are preparing for a Gathering, a time when the colonies from various parts of what was once Southern California visit for fun and and the opportunity to reminisce with family and friends. As the visitors join Lia Fail the village begins experiencing occurrences, everything seems to be leading up to a precipice of something major and once again life altering. When they receive news of a horrific massacre, they realize they must face an impending darkness.  
Alia Stark, the queen of Lia Fail, must face this darkness.  But she will face the evil along side her oldest and
dearest friends, as well as an amazing new ally.  The fate of her people, the lives of her children and freedom itself rests in her hands.  Will she have the courage to do what must be done?  

Amazing… I am not sure it’s a strong enough word for this book.I have read a lot of great books this year, some were even fantastic. However the depths that Dearing creates in this book is beyond all of that. I can only think of one other book that put me through all the emotions as this one did. That book would Burden of Sisyphus, but they are polar opposites in genre, however both had me crying, laughing and screaming at the pages from time to time.

Starting out I was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of characters, as a reader I am character driven, but wasn’t sure out of all of them, who would stand out as my favorite… I still am not sold on who I loved most, though I will say that Coeli, Tanner, Sean and Alia are on the top of my list. I would call Tanner by new book boyfriend, but he’s a little young for me 🙂

I almost don’t know what to say or where to really start this review. Did a book leave me speechless… I think it may have. It’s very rare that I don’t have something to say! This book has a little of everything, I heard the author call it urban fantasy, paranormal romance, dystopian, post apocalyptic mash-up (or something along those lines) and I would say that pretty much hits it. The magical element in this book is brilliant, I loved the mythical elements, the creatures, and the birds. I won’t say much about them but large birds of prey are one of my obsessions and the creativity in which Dearing brought them in had me smiling throughout the book. I could go on and on but as each piece in this book was well thought out and carries the story to crazy and fantastic places I feel like saying to much will give it away. I do also want to give props to Dearing and her ability make you truly hate her villains. Her bad guys
are beyond bad!

I personally can’t wait for some more Lia Fail books, whether it be another full length or multiple shorts I really don’t care as long as I can get a little more of this world and these characters. Fantastic job and five stars all the way!

A perfect night on the town turns out to be her worst nightmare. A date with a handsome man is the catalyst for events that she thought only happened in fairy tales. Thrust into a world of danger, Isabelle has no idea what is in store for her as the Light and Dark Fae fight over her future.Isabelle Moreno is a young woman working her way through life, finding little time for love and adventure. Until she agrees to a date with a mysterious stranger, only to find out the secrets this man holds are something she could have lived her entire life without knowing. The Dark Fae Luck Eater has found something enticing in Isabella’s humanity.

Bain is an arrogant playboy and an Immortal Light Fae Warrior. He and his four brothers fight for the safety of the human race while remaining something of myth. After weeks of tracking the Dark Fae Luck Eater, Bain comes across yet another victim, in Isabelle.

Bain has finally found his match in this feisty human as she fights against him and her ever growing attraction to the
Immortal who is bound to protect her.

Blood Claim:

Half-Blood Vampire Princess, Sophia Daletsky, has spent the last eight months running from her oppressively cruel brother and her love sick ex. When Sophia comes upon the sleepy little town of Maldera Springs she finds a secret that’s been safely hidden from her people for years.

Sophia must decide between saving herself, listening to her heart, or protecting what’s been lost and protected by the sexy, secretive, and stoic vampire brothers Tavian and Dante Baikov.

Resurrection Stone:

The consequence of unspoken secrets has left Half-Blood Princess, Sophia Daletsky feeling alone and trapped.

With Dante having turned his back on her and Kara slinking around with untold intentions Sophia turns to Tavian, Sarah and Rachel as she tries to adjust to her new powers and an unsure future as Protector of Maldera Springs.

Things are never easy in the vampire world, as Sophia realizes as another part of her past catches up with her in this second installment of the Half-Blood Princess series.

Shadowed Memories:

In this third installment of the Half-Blood Princess Series, Sophia’s life is about to be changed forever.

With Sage’s life in the balance Sophia must call upon power she never knew coursed through her veins. Secrets that were once carefully hidden come to light as she fights haunting dreams, memories of Sage’s past, and a dark prophecy seeming destined to come true that will change all involved. Follow Sophia as she takes on a new path and finds what
true love can really bring.

Dark Soul:

Life has never been so complicated yet so blessed for half vampire/ half witch, Sophia Daletsky. She and Sage struggle to understand and control Ashlyn and Andre, while they grow into untold powers at an alarming rate. Sophia, Sage, the guardians, along with Rachel, Sarah, Adelaide and the Coven of the Sun seek refuge in one of Cain’s many
fortresses as they recover from Zillah’s attack and fight to protect one another.Follow Sage and Sophia as they try to find a balance between being new parents to prophesied twins, dealing with friends, the appearance of an old enemy, the war ahead and an unnatural distance that has formed between the two lovers.

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