Madness by Jas T. Ward

A Darkly Sweet, Twisted Retelling of The Beauty and the Beast. A night could change everything.
Consume a cold heart in heat…
Open a heart that has been closed…
Intertwine two lives for a lifetime…and beyond.

The only thing Reno Sundown has ever known is pain. How to take it and how to use it. He was created that way and once his purpose was done, he was locked away. Never had he known good, laughter, love until he met her.

Emma Devenmore has always focused on one thing, family. The eldest of her sisters, she has made life centered on protection. Protecting her family and doing her job of protecting others. A love story was never in her plans, until she met him.

By chance, their paths cross and both were forever changed. A Beauty left yearning for a Beast, who had opened her up to something she had never dreamed of.

A Beast left wanting for a Beauty, who had unlocked emotions he never knew possible, and never was supposed to know existed.

Once paths are crossed, can they ever be uncrossed? Once they are crossed, are they destined to grow together? Or can they only be consumed by complete Madness?
I went into this book completely open-minded and I have to say that I’m glad I did.  The story itself was really interesting and is completely different than what is big and popular right now.  Which I think is great that the author was able to write a book that is so off the big “demand” and still have it be so well written.
I wouldn’t necessarily say that it’s a paranormal book.  Don’t get me wrong, there are paranormal aspects to it, but it isn’t about vampires and werewolves or shifters.  It’s something that is completely different.
I really enjoyed Reno’s character.  I thought he was just amazingly sweet and cute.  I think that the author did a really great job at portraying his innocence and his youth. (When you read the book you will understand what I mean!)
With Emma’s character, I have mixed emotions about her.  Throughout the book I did like her, but id didn’t love her.  It was really hard for me to connect with her, I did feel as though she was hiding something from Reno and I’m not sure what it is exactly.  There was just something secretive about her.
There are a lot of twists and turns throughout the book.  The book is written in a way that it’s easy to follow, but you really need to pay attention so that you don’t get lost, which did happen to me a few times.  The story was very action packed but it was still a fun read.  I think that this book would be better suited for people who enjoy paranormal books or action.  The story itself was a book that had romance, paranormal and action all rolled up into one really good book. With this being the first book that I have read from the author, I can say that I did enjoy it quite well and I will look forward to reading more from her in the future.
Honestly, if you are looking for a different read, then you should really check this one out!
Jas T. Ward has always used writing as a necessary escape. With a past that is marred with a difficult childhood and domestic violence as well as being homeless as an adult, Ward lost her creative voice when she lost her soul mate to suicide.
Finding that creative voice once again in writing in social media via blogs and creative writing groups, it was the fans that encouraged her to put her literary weavings to paper for them to enjoy.
Ward lives in Texas with her dog and cat- Author Dog Pumkin and Writer Kitty Orleans and is the proud parent of three independent children.
When asked why she writes, Ward answers simply:
Reading saved me. It was my salvation and my haven. I now strive to pay that gift back by writing books that can give the same to others. And to keep myself sane.