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“If Fools rush in, than most people in love are idiots. And I’m the biggest one of all.” -Jazz
Meet Jasmine Coleman. She’s the girl that’s outgoing, beautiful, and full of self assurance. A confidence that’s forced to cover the scars she hides. When rushing into love becomes a heartbreaking mistake the last piece of it disappears. Now she is left uncertain, weak, and full of self-disgust. But her strength is needed now more than before.
Mason Reed is the quiet computer geek that’s always the friend and never the boyfriend. Putting his social life on hold to help his single mother has left him shy when it comes to the opposite sex. And Meeting Jazz is no different. However being in love makes you do crazy things and his crazy has major consequences. Especially when the truth is revealed to others who are determined to rip them apart.
Rash decisions have major consequences. Some good. Some bad. All are life changing.
“The Truth doesn’t always set you free. Sometimes it breaks you apart and leaves you in pieces.”

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Well I was totally hooked with the first book Learning To Live in this series.  Jax and Tru won my heart and I adored Jazz……..the first books ending was an OMG moment when Jazz announced so casually she was pregnant at Thanksgiving dinner.  So I have been dying for this book to come out so we can see what happens with Jazz and her baby.
Jazz being 19, adopted by a loving family as a child, she had a serious heart condition that kept her from living the life of a normal child.  Now after having an affair with her college professor she not only learns she is pregnant but that he is married with children at home.  This crushes her but that little spit fire knows she can raise this baby on her own.  She knows that she is going to have to face risks with this pregnancy because of her heart and trust me I had heart stopping moments during her pregnancy. What she didn’t count on is her good friend Mason was going to step up and be by her side.
Mason knowing that Jazz was scared to death, decided she wouldn’t go through this alone.  He is an upstanding young man, I just loved him in the first book.  His mom is single works two jobs to help support him and his little
sister who has some challenges.  He goes to college and basically raises his little sister while his mom is at work.  He was told his father died in the war and that his little sisters father just left them because he couldn’t handle the pressures of being a dad.  Mason didn’t have a childhood, he became the man of the house early.  He was sure he could make sure Jazz’s child wasn’t going to suffer not having a daddy figure and Jazz was NOT going to struggle like his mother did being a single mom.
The author once again takes us on a journey that has so many twists and turns, I was at times clutching my kindle so hard because I just couldn’t believe what happen next.  Jazz had me laughing with her wise cracking attitude and come backs, then she had me in tears when she realized what being a mom was all about.  I felt such empathy watching Tru come to terms with her best friend being pregnant and coming clean with the loss of her own son in the
first book.  Mason melted my heart with his determination to love Jazz and I wanted to beat those who had hurt him when the truth came out about his father.  Jax, oh he is such the perfect big brother.  I just love this family so much.
Now as with every book so far in this series the author gives us another cliff hanger that leaves us begging for more.  She didn’t disappoint us with this one.  I was touching my kindle screen over and over praying there would be another page, just one more hint as to what happens next.  I have already touched on the brilliant character development in this book, but her plots are just awesome.  She can take a story that many just neglect to pay attention to in real life and bring it to life.  The issues she addresses in this one such as forgiveness not only to those who have destroyed
families with cheating and lies but also forgiving yourself when you get caught up in those lies is very strong.  The power of love that a person can have for a child that isn’t even their own, such as Jax and Jazz adoptive parents and Mason who tries to be a  real daddy figure is just so touching and inspiring.  I so love this series and this author.  I can hardly wait for the next one to see how many tissues I am going to need again.


❝ Holy hell! Fuck a duck and shit on a goldfish cracker! My fingers grip the blanket beside my naked body as Mason and his gloriously talented tongue continues to attack my wet pussy. Yes! I just said the word I hate, but right now at this very moment that is what it is. A pussy! Even though I had one orgasm already, he is working on number two. Thank you men everywhere who love to do this for a woman. What have I been missing? Why didn’t I ever let myself do this before with Ollie? Oh fuck him. He has nothing on this sexy guy between my thighs.

I feel the same tension in my body that I did a few moments ago start to build. The lapping of his tongue as he tells me how beautiful and sexy I am is addicting. If death is going to knock on my door, then please let me die after this next orgasm. Biting my lip, my hips thrust up on their own because I have lost all control of my body tonight. My moans even sound sexy to me, like I’m made to do this in life. Maybe I can be a voice over in a porno one day.

“Ahhh!” His finger slowly enters me as he sucks my clit and I lose my shit. My body thrashes against his mouth and I might have possibly ripped some of his hair out. But I can’t care at the moment because I’m once again in sex Heaven as I yell his name until I feel relaxed and like a marshmallow.

“Say it again.” His voice is close and the shift of the mattress causes me to open my eyes.

“Say what?” He’s above me again and the feel of his bare chest against my sweat covered one is glorious. Returning his smile, I run my finger over his full lips and watch as he sucks it into his mouth.

“My name. Say my name again.”

He’s so easy to please.

“Mason,” I whisper. “Mason. Please make love to me.”

I feel his shiver or maybe it’s mine. I meant to say fuck me, but I realize that Mason is better than just a fuck. He’s a guy who will devote his whole heart into anything he does and sex is one of them. He’s very thorough and ready to conquer whatever quest he’s on.

Before I know it he’s nestled between my thighs and I feel his mouth on my neck and the head of his dick against my opening. Instead of just diving in, he kisses his way down to my breast before returning to my mouth. Squirming under his weight, I wrap my legs around him, desperate for him to enter me. Torture is the only term I can come up with. He just continues to assault my mouth and breasts affectionately.

“Damn it, Mason. You’re killing me.” My words come out in quick pants because the feel of his teeth scraping across my sensitive nipple is achingly wonderful.

He comes up and smiles again before he kisses me heatedly, doing all the things he just performed between my thighs to my mouth. Then he plunges into me and I moan from the feel of him.❞

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About The Author

RD Cole Author PicMy name is Robin and I live in Alabama. I grew up an army brat and traveled a lot until we finally settled down along the Gulf Coast when I was 4. My husband is 9 years younger so I guess that makes me a COUGAR. I have a little girl who is 9 and is blind as well as autistic. My life is not boring with them two in it. Believe me.
I have always loved creating and I would constantly draw on my walls. I love painting and reading. Writing is something I wanted to do but didn’t think I could, until I woke up at three a.m. a few months back and started writing. Life has a way of throwing rocks at you and putting cracks in your soul. Either you can duck and cover or you can make something beautiful from the cracks.
After that, the story took over. Even though some pieces of my life experience are within it, it is Tru and Jax’s story now. I have truly fell in love with this story and hope you all do too.


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