Glenna Maynard Spotlight!

Glenna Maynard is the author of the bestselling romantic suspense novel I’m with You. A mother by day and writer by night, when Glenna isn’t writing or spending time with family you can usually find her curled up reading a great book.
Glenna was born and raised in the beautiful hills of Eastern Ky where she still resides today. Her hobbies include
reading, writing, scrap-booking,and cooking.

If I had the opportunity to be any type of character featured in paranormal romance books I would be a witch. Some of you might be asking why, considering I have an undying love for vampires.

I guess you could say I have been fascinated with witches since I was a young girl. I can’t pin point one particular moment where it all started but I remember loving the movie ‘The Worst Witch’ and there was ‘The Craft,’ ‘Charmed’ and more recently ‘The Secret Circle.’  I loved them all, but I have always felt drawn to Wicca and have toyed with the idea of writing a paranormal romance about a witch.

My curiosity has even brought me to owning the encyclopedia of witches. Some people still associate witches with evil and dark things but for me personally I associate them with natural healing and a love of the earth. Though if I do
write a paranormal there will be dark magic in it. You can’t have good without evil to balance it all out.

My five amazeballs stars review of Carpe Noctem (Sanguis City #2) by Morgan Jane Mitchell

When Morgan offered me the chance to read an exclusive advanced copy of the second book in the Sanguis City series, I jumped at the opportunity. I have been dying to know what was next for Noir. I can happily say many of the questions I had from book one have been answered, especially those pertaining to a wish. There’s so much I want to talk about without giving the story away. There are some old faces and some new characters are introduced. I will tell you that there is Darius a witch, Ani a demon and Willow a creature I have never heard of. So much comes out about the city and the vampires. I was really surprised with the twist and turns the story took. Noir found herself in some situations that had me scared for her at times while laughing at others. Did I mention the dark but hot turn the sex takes in this book? No, well trust me Quixon and Sander had me swooning one minute and ready to hit them the next.
New places are uncovered in the city too including a zombie sanitarium.  I found myself fully engrossed within the world Morgan Jane Mitchell has created and I am eagerly awaiting to see where book three will lead. I need it now!

“We’re just trying to figure out this life, how to get from one day to the next. And though we tried, we’ve lost it all somehow. But our love won’t be tragic. Just remember I’m with You…”Bella Rose and Cutter Dawson are two lost souls trying to find their place in this world. They have known loss. But with pain comes beauty. When they find each other in the midst of their darkest hours, will the beauty they see
in each other be enough to save them?

***New Adult Romance 18+ Contains strong language***

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