Ghoul’s Gym by Klune & Arvin
Ulysses Florence Hoak (Uly) is a muscle bound beautiful giant with a heart of gold who is employed at a Gay Gym and has a pervert for a boss named Stephen Dorian. Uly’s love of his life is his partner, Jake Howell. He is the complete physical opposite of Uly and is aware that some people, especially Stephen, think that Uly can do better than Jake but Uly loves Jake! In a great twist that I found fascinating is that Jake is the dominate sexual partner where Uly is the hot Power Bottom as we did not see that coming. You would think that Uly being the strong, muscle man would be the top but these authors put a great spin on it.
Due to Jakes insecurities about not being buff enough to be with Uly and always afraid he will leave him for a muscle guy, he decides to do something about it. Jake purchases a steroid cocktail from a shady member of the gym not knowing that this drug was stolen from the military base. Since he has no clue that this new and improved cocktail drug turns the user into a violent sex crazed killer, he injects himself. Now hell is unleashed the same day at the gym as other members have taken this drug turning them also into blood sex craved killers. Uly and some of his friends now have to run for their lives in order to survive the blood bath that is happening. Jake is struggling to remain the guy that Uly loves and not succumb to the drug that is trying to turn him into a killer.
I loved how the authors described these characters in such detail that I felt that I actually knew them and wanted to meet them! I especially liked how each chapter was from the point of view of either Uly or Jake, I love reading a novel with this format. The writing was so beautifully done and the sex scenes were hot and I mean HOT! This book is gore crazy which I just loved reading about. The authors made sure this was a unique novel filled with blood, gore, hot steamy gay sex, twinks, muscle boys, heartbreak and tears (mainly my tears). The reader will be reliving this novel for time to come afterwards as I still can’t stop thinking about this terrific book!

Will Jake be able to resist the drug that wants to turn him into a blood thirty sex killer and remain human? Will
Uly survive this blood bath and reunite with his love? Will there be a HEA? I can’t recommend this book by T.J and Eric enough, if I could give it a rating of 6 I would. I for one have become a huge fan of these Zombie Novels by these
brilliant authors!