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 Brooke has spent the past eleven years living with a man she thought would be her forever. One afternoon of unanswered phone calls reveals he isn’t the man she thought he was. Just when things couldn’t get any worse, she’s forced to call upon a stranger for help.
Can Dylan save Brooke from her broken past or does he have secrets of his own that will destroy them before they even get started?
Shay’s Guest Review: 
I just finished Deception and I liked it.  There were a few things that were cheesy but it was an overall good read.  Brooke has been in a relationship with Stefan for over 11 years.  Everything is going well.  She gets a new job and ends up training with Dylan.  Dylan is a hot badass and she steers clear of him even though he wants her.  She finds out that Stefan hasn’t exactly been faithful and confronts him.  Little did she know that he has been keeping more secrets and things get out of hand when she confronts him?  She is able to get away and calls Dylan for help.  What will happen when all secrets are laid out?  Who will Brooke be able to trust?  You will have to read and see.
Dylan is hot and loyal and he is 7 years younger than Brooke and I really liked that age difference, it was something different for me.  Brooke is a sweetheart and honestly no one deserves that kind of treatment.  I had felt bad for her.  What we find out is that Dylan had secrets and I ended up being surprised by them.  I didn’t like that Brooke at times let things go and the secrets was one of them.  I felt like that should have been addressed more on her side instead of letting it go in one ear and out the other with her reaction.  I did like the story and I thought that it flowed pretty
well.  At times I did have to re-read some things because I felt that it was rushed and just didn’t make sense to me.  Did it take away from the story, at times yes but I was still able to read it and comprehend it.
This is the 1st in the series so I get to read the next one.  I honestly cannot wait to see what happens.

A cold front was moving in and a slight chill moved through me. Knowing how he felt about me, I knew he would do anything to keep me safe. Committing murder wasn’t beneath him and it was dangerous for me to think that he could be involved in Amber’s death.

I was trapped in a dark place, scared with nothing to eat; barely breathing. I missed the man I could no long
remember but knew existed long ago. The promise of rescue keeps me from losing what’s left of my mind.

I loved him, believing he loved me too but time had passed, my memories scattered, almost non-existent. I
longed for a closeness, to be with him; then realized I don’t even know who he is.
 Shay’s Guest Review:
I was not able to finish Promiscuous.  This is the 2nd in the Fixer Series Deception being the first one.  The story continues on with Dylan and Brooke after he tells her what he does for a living.  He is a fixer and what that means is that he is called into a crime scene before the police are to get things situated for whoever is paying him.  It is something only his body guard knows about so trusting it with Brooke is a step for him.  There are still things that he keeps from Brooke that is at a need to know basis because someone has put a hit out on Brooke’s life.  There are some many things that are going on in this story, some were ok and some were not ok for me.  I just felt like (even from the first) that it was still rushed.
Things I did like:
Dylan-still as sexy as ever
Tristian- He is Dylan’s body guard. He is sexy as well
Brooke’s mom, I love how she is sticking up for herself now in this book and not being stepped on by Brooke’s father
Things I did not like:
The story line-I just felt that it became very unbelievable.  I can handle a lot of things in one story but it was rushed.  There were times when what was going on didn’t fit into the plot.  I just felt like some things were not needed
Editing-there was some editing issues.  I get them, they are sometimes there and I can usually by-pass them but at times I didn’t know who was talking.  I was guessing at some points and I think I got them right, not sure???
Brooke-she was very childish and wishy washy.  I didn’t like that she would be like I love you but then come back and not be sure about their relationship but then less than 5 mins later she is saying yes to his engagement.  I give credit
to Dylan in this story, to take her crap was beyond me and I wouldn’t be very patient with her even though at times he couldn’t take it but loved her all the same.
A pivotal point for me was that you find out in this story that she was sexually abused by her dad, it’s a traumatic thing to go through and for me it was thrown right in.  One minute she is mentioning it and then the next goes to another plot in the story.  Are you kidding me?  It is like she just brushes it off her shoulders.  I did stop reading it mention so I do not know if or when she mentions it to Dylan.  Don’t you think though that you have to mention it to your future husband before you say yes to his engagement???
I just became very serial to me and yes the sex between them was very hot but wasn’t enough for me to even want to try and finish it.
Alyson enjoys bringing characters to life and has been writing since she was a little girl. Her first published book was in elementary school where it was put on display in the library for others to read. Alyson’s love for books is what compels her to write and create new worlds of her own for others to enjoy. She enjoys writing everything from erotica to suspense thrillers. Fixer of Deceit is the first book in the Infinity Collection which is both an erotic romance and suspense thriller.
A Colorado native, Alyson loves to travel. She has visited Ireland, Mexico and most of the United States. Her favorite vacation hideaway is Hawaii. She has a love for the ocean and enjoys swimming with sea turtles in the wild. Alyson is a former accountant who has traded in her abacus for a full-time writing career. She has been happily married for twenty-one years to her high school sweetheart and is the proud mother of two. Her love of quilting keeps her busy in the winter months when she isn’t writing. Alyson’s favorite past time is spending time with her family, watching football and laughing together.

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