Finding My Own by Mandee Mae

Hiding from his past and the people that surround him, Caleb is convinced that he is meant to spend his life isolated. That is, until he meets his sexy new neighbor. This “hell cat” keeps him on his toes in more way than one, but can he
convince himself that she was meant for him? And if he can, does he stand a chance at convincing her?
Caleb goes on one hell of a ride as he finally comes to terms with how his life is changing. Join Caleb on his journey and see if he’ll continue his life in solitude or if he finally finds the love of his life.
Finding My Own is the third book in this series.  Distant Myles and A New Face to Love are the first two books and I highly recommend both.  I didn’t discover this author till A New Face to Love and I was so drawn to her story line and writing style I was anxious to read Finding My Own.  I was in emotional turmoil after I finished the second book, so much so I reached out to the author to find out when we would get answers for Caleb.  I am so thankful she didn’t make me wait too long.
As A New Face to Love ended, I was heartbroken and really wanted to know what happen to Caleb after he left.  This picks up after the second book where we find him in his new home and settling in.  On a routine trip to the store he meets the intriguing new neighbor who happens to recognize him.  Knowing that he isn’t ready to give his heart to anyone else, his body has other plans. Their first encounter was just the beginning for these two, she knows what she wants and she is willing to risk her dignity to prove to him it is time to move on.  After helping her out of a wet situation, they decide a dinner is safe enough.  The next morning though, Caleb finds himself on a roller coaster ride to heaven and he isn’t really too worried about stopping it.  I loved watching their relationship develop and her ability to become more relaxed with him.  She shares her history and fears and he found himself in a protective role again, much like he was with Jamie.  The difference with this woman was he was wanted this time.  She knew she needed him as much as he needed her.
Myles and Amelia make it back into his life in this book, I love them.  After being shut out of his world for a long time, he explains to them what happen and he introduces them to his new life and neighbor.  Friendships are formed but they know they are going to have to balance their friendship with Caleb and the ongoing friendship with Jamie, the woman who devastated Caleb.  We were even given the chance to watch the first reunion of Caleb and Jamie after many months of wondering what they would say to each other. I loved this book for so many reasons, the biggest one being I wanted to see Caleb find happiness after his heart break over Jamie.  I loved seeing a side of him that we really
didn’t get to see in A New Face to Love, and it brought closure to me in this series.  I love Mandee’s writing style and the way her story just continues to grow and develop while bringing us all of the missing pieces in this book.  I really recommend all three books in this series.  She has created a world for us readers that will take us on unexpected twist and turns with characters we will remember and love for a long time.  Make sure you check out this series.