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Felicia Tatum was born and raised in Tennessee. She always
loved reading, and at the age of twelve began writing. Her passion for creating
stories grew and in May 2012, she finally wrote her first novel, The White
Aura.She still lives in Tennessee with her daughter and her kitty. She loves
cooking, books, and animals are some of her best friends. She watches a lot of
Disney channel and often dreams up new book ideas. She’s currently working on
various projects, including the rest of the White Aura Series, the Scarred
Hearts Series, and a novella series. Her dream is to write as many books as
possible while entertaining as many people as possible.

If you could be any paranormal/supernatural creature, what would you be and why?
                Paranormal creatures range from werewolves, shifters, vampires, fae creatures, nymphs, druids, the list could go on for ages. I even read a book about centaurs (Hey, Nancy Straight!), so really, anything that is imaginable is possible. While all creatures are interesting me, I’m a paranormal junkie, and I would love to experience alllll of them, I can only choose one.
                And which would I choose, you ask? This is an easy answer, vampire! I mean, all paranormal creatures are awesome, but there’s just something so sexy about the bloodsuckers that draws me in. The way they move fast, have the built in weapons (fangs), the strength, all of it! Plus, I kinda think it would be awesome to lose all kinds of weight overnight.
                Vampires range from sparkling to deadly, blood thirsty creatures. So which would I be? Not sparkly…but I don’t really want to die when I step out in the sunlight either. I would be ok with not going in the sun a lot of the time, because I truly am a night owl. I would probably drink human blood because it would upset me to hurt an animal…I think the Vampire Academy vamps are great. I want to eat like them. They don’t have to kill, just a little to satisfy their thirst, and on their merry way they go.
                Also, how cool would it be to not sleep anymore? Can you imagine how many books I would get written? How many books I could read?! I would be so happy. My brain would explode with knowledge and my heart would explode with happiness. No more caffeine needed!
                Yes, I would still have a heart. I would still be caring. I would still have giveaways. It would be awesome. I wouldn’t even have to worry about traveling for signings, I could just run there and not even break a sweat! And I wouldn’t have to search for an attractive book boy/assistant…though…on second thought, I may still do that. I’ll pretend I can’t lift the oh-so-heavy boxes 😉
                Can you tell I’ve really thought about this?
                I have a hybrid vampire/sorcerer in my White Aura series…and while I think it would be incredibly cool to be both, I don’t know how I would do with having vampire and sorcery powers. What if I wasn’t paying attention and while drinking blood zapped someone with my powers? Or inadvertently put a spell on them or something?
I’m very clumsy and forgetful, so it could happen.
Anyways, I would choose vampire. If I wasn’t given a choice, I would take whatever I could get, cause let’s face
it, most paranormal creatures are badass. My question for you is…what would you choose to be? And why?
My name is Felicia Tatum and I am a paranormal reading/writing junkie. I hope to someday cure my addiction.
Oh, whatever, no I don’t. Keep reading, my paranormal loving friends <3

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  • kissedbyfire

    I am completely with you on the vampire thing! I would, of course, want to make sure certain things were still sacred to me, but to be able to live forever…and experience the world…and write unlimited books…sigh 🙂

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