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D. (Diane) McEntire lives in the quiet country of southern Indiana with her husband, two children and three dogs. Writing stories which combine action, adventure and spicy romance once began as a hobby then quickly turned into a wonderful outlet for her creative and highly imaginative personality. She broke into the romance writing scene in
2008 with the release of her the first novel of her paranormal romance series, The Watchers, with Samhain Publishing.

Ghosts—Lingering energy from the deceased or souls who have not yet “crossed over” or moved on to wherever souls go after their physical body dies?
That’s a debate that will never end. There’s the believers, the ones still on the fence, and the ones who dismiss the very idea of ghosts. I’ve never personally seen a ghost, but I’ve had strange things happen where there may be a plausible explanation, but I haven’t been able to come up with one.
So, what’s the fascination? Is it the thrill of the “unexplained”? Is it the idea of what may happen to us after our bodies die?
Being born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, I’ve had a few visits to a place that has been listed as “One of the Scariest Places on Earth”—Waverly Hills Sanatorium. In fact, it’s so popular that I included it as a locale in Midnight Unseen, the fifth book of my vampire romance series, The Watchers.
Waverly, which opened in the early 1900’s to house tuberculosis patients until it closed in 1961, is said to be home to many spirits who died of the disease or its complications. Sounds, shadows, and even a child who loves to play ball are stories told by witnesses of such events with video and audio clips listed as proof.
“The unknown.” Just saying that sentence evokes excitement and mystery.
What would you do if you came face-to-face with a ghost, that is if you are like me and have never experienced such an event? What about one you could physically touch? David Corbin finds himself in that situation in my paranormal romance story, Haunting the Wolf.

Rachel Hayes’ father set out to prove the existence of the Miloni Temple and the Jaguar People. Searching for him, she finds her guide shot execution style, she’s chased into the Amazon jungle by gun toting militia, has a face-to-face encounter with a black jaguar, and encounters a tall, tan and then-some man with golden eyes and a strong desire to get her out of the jungle as fast as he could make her walk.

Tumi, a descendent of the Miloni race, is sworn to protect their secret. But, Rachel touches him like no other. Can Tumi deter Rachel from taking up her father’s quest, one which has caused blood to spill for centuries, and stop her from getting too close to the truth? Or will he be forced to uphold his lethal vow at the cost of his heart, and Rachel’s life?
A child who grew up in an abusive home, Becca Glass couldn’t believe she’d followed in her mother’s footsteps. A night of violence by her live-in boyfriend pushes her over the edge. A leap from a bridge into rushing waters takes her life, but gives her another return—a ghost walking the earth, unseen and unheard.

Having the itch to travel, David Corbin sets off on a road trip, but his trek takes a major detour after a werewolf attack changes his life forever—forced to seek solitude each full moon.

When David buys a farmhouse in which to lock himself away during the change, he finds the house is not entirely empty. A beautiful woman, a ghost, who seems corporeal only while in the house has his heart locked in a battled. In solid form, she is in danger. But, he can’t ask her to leave.

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