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Adrian J. Smith, or “AJ” as she is often called, is a part-time writer with an epic imagination, sharp wit, and kind heart that gets her into a bit of trouble when it comes to taking in all the neighborhood stray cats. Being obsessed with science fiction, Smith often goes off on tangents about the space-time continuum. She is also a part-time lunatic with a secretive past. It’s been rumored that she was once a spy for the government, but anyone who has gotten close enough to know the truth has never lived to tell the tale. When traveling around the world on various classified tasks, Smith requires the following be provided: buffalo jerky, mimosas, and eighty-six pennies. This is all we know about the reclusive woman.

At least 10% of all my proceeds goes to Sanctuary For Kids. It’s a fantastic organization that sends money to help children around the world. Charity and children are an extremely important part of my life and supporting them in any way possible is magnificent. Please check out their website to see what they are doing and consider donating to them yourself.

To take from my favorite television show (Sanctuary) to be or not to be: the invisible man, the woman who lives forever, the mongrel vampire, the teleporting serial killer, or the smartest man alive. It’s hard to choose because I feel as though there are consequences to each special gift and creature.
The invisible man gets naked a lot, and since I’m not particularly fond of wandering around downtown in nothing but my birthday suit, I think I’ll have to pass. The woman who lives forever has to watch everyone die including any offspring she has, but she can get everything done and learn everything she’s ever wanted.
The mongrel vampire isn’t a full vampire and struggles with an addiction to world domination. What would it be like to be the only one out there—to be the only vampire in a sea of humans and creatures.
To think that you are above the rest and have no one who can measure up to you. Quite lonely, I’d think. And to know that you’re not as powerful as the ancestors that you’re supposed to represent—very self-degrading.
To be the teleporting serial killer—well, I think that one is pretty obvious. And to be the smartest man alive also seems a rather lonely existence. Where’s the challenge and curiosity if it’s so easy to figure everything out, if you know that you’re going to get it right eventually? Curiosity is something that we all strive to live for, and I’m convinced that curiosity is what drives humanity to transformation and change.
If I had to choose any of these, I’d choose nothing. There’s a fault in every paranormal and  supernatural creature out there. There’s faults even in humanity. But since this post is about which paranormal or supernatural creature I would be if I so had a choice, I’m going to have to go with Rusty the Wonder Kitten. You may not have heard of her, but she is by far the best paranormal creature out there.
She has the ability to flatter herself to the ground to see everything that’s in her way. She can jump up high and work her way higher to see everything around her. She knows which way is up and which
way is down, and when she’s high on kitty-nip, she knows how to fly.
Jumping almost six feet in the air, Rusty the Wonder Kitten can reach for the stars and knock them from the sky with a swipe of her paw. She can flip around in a one-eighty to attack the bird on a string
that flies around in her field of vision. Rusty can go from zero to thirty in the span of a second, blasting from one side of the bed to the mirror in the bathroom to attack the kitten on the other side that dare enter her lair.
Rusty the Wonder Kitten has the power to purr and have it be heard miles away. The Kitten Motor ricochets through the walls and into the streets, reminding everyone why they are supposed to be happy. She can chase a light for hours on end without tiring and never gives up. When it moves—even an inch—she’s right there on top of it, ready to tackle and catch that light so it can’t destroy the world.
Rusty is so talkative that you never have to wonder about what she wants or what she’s feeling. She’s always willing to express and meow through the morning routines, lunch routines, dinner routines and even into the night. Always on top of what’s going on in the world, Rusty makes the best superhero and paranormal creature out there.
She’s sly and sneaky, managing to come out of seemingly nowhere to attack whatever crosses her path and giving sandpaper kisses when she realizes it’s her human mom. Rusty the Wonder Kitten is the paranormal/supernatural creature I want to be, simply because she always has more fun.

Firefighters are trained to keep calm in the face of extraordinary events, but James was never prepared for this.

Saving people is a regular practice in a firefighter’s line of work; it is not something extraordinary or unusual. Just routine. James has been trained to respond to emergency calls and what to do in difficult situations. For James, the most important part of her work is that she knows how to run into a burning building to save a life. She is a firefighter not for the glory and not for the honor. She is there to make a difference.

Working hard has always been a common practice for James, but when her secret significant other is pressuring her to solidify their relationship, tensions start to rise. James is being pushed into turning her life upside down and inside out. She can’t stop disturbing dreams about a little girl she saved from a house fire years prior. She struggles to find balance through the pressures and stressors of her
daily life, but she still can’t shake the ill-fated feeling that something is wrong.


She thought she was on a new path, but life keeps tugging Addison Lee back to her past and her gift.

Addison struggles to make a new life in Norwich, one where she can be the Battalion Chief of Fire Station Seven and live life as she sees fit. She wants a life without the complications of an ex-fiancé and a job that put her life on the line for little more than a gift she was born with. Learning the ropes of a new job can always be tough, and being a Battalion Chief means she has a great responsibility to her crew and to the city. Nervous about her first day already, Addison realizes that adding in a one-night stand with a future employee has left her on rocky ground.

Plagued by visions of a dying woman, Addison continues to cope with difficulties at her new job. She has no idea who the dying woman is, where she is, or even, when she is—and no means to find out. Addison is distracted from the dying woman and her new job when called to Wyoming on an emergency, where she discovers it’s not as easy to leave her past behind as she hoped.

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