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Denny Brothers is upset about being alone. After spending it with the man he’d been gushing over for years, he’s wishing for his sad existence to be change and little does he know witch Shelba Marrisco already has plans in the works.Enter Paul Alexander, a charming and sexy package handler with a special after Christmas gift they both can enjoy for the rest of their lives but in order to have a chance, Denny has to let go of his beloved chocolate lab, Preston, in exchange for everlasting love.

Denny Brothers works for a charity organization and is so tired of being alone, his only companion is his beloved Chocolate Lab; Preston who basically never leaves Denny’s side. Denny’s friend the witch Shelba Marrisco knows that Denny’s life is going to change for the better and in a way that he never expected or ever thought. She has a special Christmas Gift for Denny but with all beautiful things sometimes you have to make a sacrifice.

Paul Alexander is a charming and beautiful package handler who also has a remarkable and special gift for Denny that will change his life. In order for Denny and Paul to be together in a loving relationship Denny will have to let go of his beloved dog Preston. One night when Denny accidentally leaves the house door open or he thought he did, starts the beginning of the gift he is about to get.

I loved Shelba the witch and her husband Comet and the way they bantered back and forth added some great comedy to the novel. When Paul runs into Denny at a coffee shop and the beautiful relationship that is beginning was so much fun to read. I loved how Denny was so nervous around Paul and how Paul handled that and his funny and loving ways he was with Denny. I fell for these guys instantly and I know any reader would also. There is a very huge surprise that occurs and it will leave the reader in complete shock when it happens. Will Denny and Paul be able to be together? How will the surprise affect their relationship? Will Preston survive the special Christmas Gift for Denny? I loved this Paranormal novella and completely recommend it, My only issue was that I wished it was much longer!

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