Values in Conflict

Title: Values in Conflict

Genre: Animal Advocate

Author: Georges Dupras

Publisher: iUniverse

Pages: 324

Language: English

ISBN – 978-1-46205-385-8
Purchase: iUniverse
Values in
Conflict: Reflections of an Animal Advocate offers an account of changing and
conflicting social values regarding man’s role in the natural world. Author
Georges Dupras compels us to think about man’s role in animal suffering and
leads us to the inescapable conclusion that we must speak and act for those who
have no voice.
presents a pragmatic approach to peaceful coexistence with nonhuman species,
without sacrificing idealism. The humane field has developed from a nonprofit
mission to a profession over the past forty years addressing questions,
comments, and issues that are foremost in the minds of the general public.
While highlighting opposing social values, Dupras encourages those who feel
marginalized due to their lack of professional training and offers advice to
help them find their right path.
Dupras also
chronicles the evolution of the animal rights movement, one that uniquely
transcends differences among species. This thorough review and reflection on
both Dupras’s personal experiences and of animal advocacy in general seeks to
address questions, comments, and issues that are foremost in the minds of the
general public, in hopes that future generations will recognize animals for
their intrinsic value, equal in their own rights.

For over forty-five years, Georges R.
Dupras has worked in many areas of the animal protection field. He is a member
of the International Association for Bear Research and Management (IBA),
Director of the Animal Alliance of Canada, and past member of the Board of the
Canadian SPCA. He currently lives in Quebec, Canada.Elizabeth.

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