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A pulse of light preceded the gift of life breathed into the coldest and darkest of souls. Bathed in the glow of celestial love and swathed in a blanket of black satin wings nestled a king among kings, a vampire born to destroy the decay threatening to eradicate the race he was destined to save.An angelic heart torn by yearning, suffering and pain throbbed to the rhythm of the life he created; a life prophesied in the scriptures by the Creator’s own hand. A vow of servitude given in blood sealed the fate of a Seraphim’s heart and tied it eternally to the creation he craves, protects…loves.

Ancient treaties are lost and reborn, rising from the ashes as the Nephilim ravage the vampire race. The deviant desire that soared in Malachi Denali’s blood threatens to bring Rome to its knees when Malachi’s world, his soul and his heart are brutally shattered and torn apart.

Will purity born of an angel’s love be enough to calm the savage mind of Malachi Denali? Or will Laziel be doomed to a life of purgatory for loving the life he was gifted to create…

This is not a HEA, or even a HFN….Who knows what will happen to seal their fate…only time will tell. Vampires,
angels, demons and wolves together with love, betrayal, sadness and yearning make up the ongoing story that is…

The Crimson Nights Saga.
I loved how DEEP this book goes and not just your regular simple read! You might find it’s a little complicated but as long as you follow closely you will have no problems and love it like I did.
Melachi Denali aka Lachi is the King of the Vampires and was created to save his race. He is a very dominating and
extremely difficult king in many ways but at the same time you want to just love him. He is feared by most, respected by all loved by only his angel Laziel! The only thing Laziel wants is to love and protect his king; he is sarcastic, highly sexual and his one track mind is only for Lachi! I love how beautifully written these main characters came to life for me and I couldn’t get enough of them, I wanted more of their love! The only thing in life that these guys need to survive is each other and with the twists and turns, not as easily done. There are such complicated layers and developments that make reading this book so wildly interesting! The twists and turns will send the reader into fits of adrenaline.Lachi is being pressured to take a female mate and produce children but he has zero interest in females just his
Angel! Lachi secretly loves Laziel but he is afraid he has too much darkness inside of him. Laziel just wants to love Lachi freely but doesn’t think he will accept his love or return it. To make matters worse there are sections of the
vampire world that are trying to destroy Lachi but he will need the help of others to survive!

The other characters are also greatly written as Lachi and Laziel, such as Vischeral and Copi. They are such sexy and wild characters and look so forward to reading their story! Roman, the son, and Tobias as the sultry Alpha Wolf in a world of vampires. The authors took me a ride of sexual awakening, love, betrayal and a fantastic erotic paranormal read. I really liked the cliff hangers as I know more is to come and nothing more exciting than waiting for Book 2 in this hot series! I highly recommend this brilliant Paranormal Book!

“Your Excellency, Malachi Azarian Denali, King of the Vampire race.” The deep intonations of the man at the Pope’s side subsided into nothing at the casual wave of the papal hand.“We’ve been introduced, Gabriel. Numerous times.” Before the affronted man could object, Pope Gregori XVII stepped forward and clasped Lachi’s hand warmly. “Sorry, for such short notice, Malachi. Can we walk just a moment?”

Malachi nodded once, and met the angel’s piercing gaze. He swept a pointed glance at Gabriel. Laziel smirked and stepped between the hovering secretary and the Pope.

“What the…,” Gabriel sputtered. “I have to go with him.”

“What you have to do is stay where you are, unless you want to try a little one on one time with this celestial.” The quiet menace in Laziel’s voice and the mental image of his own personal time with the angel sent a tingle of awareness down Malachi’s spine. He tamped down his body’s eager response when Gregori’s low whisper caught his ear.

“I’m not sure it is safe to talk here. The very walls have ears, as the saying goes.”

“Not anymore, they don’t.”

The Pope chuckled. “Wish I could do that.”

“We’ve had this discussion before Gregori.”

Another quick laugh spilled forth. “I thank you for the offer yet again, my friend, but the answer is still no.” Out of earshot of the human, but still within Laziel’s range, his face grew serious and he sighed. “The Vatican and the church are rife with venality. I’m not sure who around me I can trust with the exception of my God, you and Laziel.” He stopped at the window and gazed out into the night sky. “I’ll be blunt. You have a traitor in your midst, vampire. A high ranking one, if I guess correctly.”

“Tell me what you know.”

“This morning, I received an email, my personal account of which few have knowledge or access. It spews tales of corruption and deceit in the vampire court, and hinted at trouble during your last Elder meeting. It’s unsigned and to my limited experience untraceable.”

Malachi stood stoic giving no indication of the fury flashing like wildfire through his veins. In deference to the holy man at his side, he harnessed the snarl and the curse that coiled in his throat. “Darklon.” The immoral bastard was upping the stakes, stepping outside the vampire realm. In the grand scheme of things, it was taboo to reveal anything
vampiric to the humans. To do so invited  instant death. Malachi’s gut twisted with hatred for the male that dogged his steps causing havoc and mayhem while maintaining a pristine image. There would be no proof, no way to tie the email to the Elder, but it stank of his touch. Only he would be deranged enough or smug enough to contact the humans and expect to profit. A more ominous thought struck. If he’d come to some agreement with the humans, Nephilim would not be far behind. As if he sensed the inner turmoil, Gregori laid a hand on Malachi’s arm then quickly withdrew casting a glance back over his shoulder at the angel.

“You have nothing to fear from Laziel. If he thought you were a threat, he’d never have left my side.” Absently,  Malachi reassured the male and rested a hand on the Pope’s shoulder. He tossed his own gaze toward the angel, and smothered a smile that threatened when the cheeky bastard winked at him.

J.T.:        *swoops in and hugs Crystal* Hey darling. So excited to be visiting with you again. We also love stopping in to chat with you!  And we brought Hotties this time. *glances over her shoulder as Laz and Lachi stroll in* Aren’t they just dreamy! *squeezes V.L.’s hand*
V.L.:       *Smiles* Hi Crystal. It’s great to be back with you again. *Pulls Laz up and warns him to behave best he can. *


Crystal:   What made you decide to write in the paranormal genre?
J.T.:        *points at the vampire king and his angel* Easy answer…them. When they showed up and said write our story, we fell all over ourselves to do it. Actually, we both love paranormal. Vampires are my favorite. *grins as Lachi winks* So damned sexy and mysterious. And fangs *shivers*
V.L.:      I’ve always loved the paranormal; ever since I was a small child. I’d be the one sitting on my dad’s lap listening to his tales of the banshee or other Irish folk stories. That progressed into reading them and I got hooked on Stephen King and Dean Kroontz. But, nothing gives me more pleasure than writing vampires, angels and shifters. I love the raw power that always seems to go hand in hand with their characters.


Crystal:  How did the story for this book come about?
J.T.:        The original story started back in 2011 with Vischeral and Copi. They were our first attempts at writing independent original characters. Laz and Lachi evolved later as characters on Facebook. Their friends started asking how they met and about their past. When they started telling us about their story, this book was born. It entangled Vischeral and Copi and another story we were writing about a wolf pack.
V.L.:      Exactly what JT said. Vischeral and Copi were our babies, but even then, while writing them I was playing as an angel in R/P. At first Laz, or Lass as he was then, had been alone for a very long time. He wasn’t known for being with anyone until JT started writing with us. Then everything changed….. *Smiles*


Crystal:     This is the first book in the series, how many more do you plan on writing?
J.T.:        *laughing* Well at last count it was five, I think. We have a lot of characters to come and stories to resolve. We know there are those who don’t like cliffhangers but one book can only hold so much.
V.L.:      *Grins* At the rate we are introducing new characters to the line-up, who knows. I think if the readers like where we are going with it, it could work into more. But, we don’t want to stretch it out to a point where the story turns stale.


Crystal:    Do you only write in the m/m genre? If so, how did you get started in it?  If not, which do you prefer m/m or m/f? (Or even f/f if you write that!)
J.T.:        No, we have a joint book out in the m/f genre, For the Love of a God. I also have a solo book out in the m/f genre, Ocean’s Kiss. I think we both prefer gay romance. My first m/m read was Special Forces. It blew me away. I read it shortly after being totally frustrated that Butch and Vishous were not given an HEA in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Those two so belonged together. I wanted to find a voice for them. The Crimson Nights Saga will have a bit of all of it.
V.L.:      M/M is probably my favorite genre to write, but it’s not the only one we do. As JT explained, we both write solo too. Sometimes when you’re developing a character in your head you get a feel for how you see them, how they should be. At times it just doesn’t fit to have them with another man, I suppose it all depends on the story and where it takes you.


Crystal:    You both have books out by yourselves, and books together, is it hard to co-write a book?  How do you do that is there a rotation as in you each writes a chapter?
J.T.:        I think it’s easier to co-author a book. You have someone to bounce ideas off of and when you get stuck someone else can write for a while. So far, we’ve picked characters and wrote in that character’s POV. We have a new book we’re working on where we are writing more by chapter than character. It’s going well so far.
V.L.:      The only hard part about co-writing for us is the fact that we are so far apart. The difference in our time zones is a real bug bear but it won’t beat us. I really like where this new story is heading. We are looking forward to seeing what you think of it too Crystal.


Crystal:    Why are manhole covers round? (Yes this is a serious question, probably the most serious out of all of them!)
J.T.:      We answered this before…or rather Lachi did *laughing* Umm, because corners are expensive?
V.L.:      *Laughs* We have round and square ones in England but…I like the fact that holes are made to be filled.
These are for Laz and Lachi:


Crystal:    For those of us who haven’t read your story yet, can you tell us how you met?
Lachi:     *twisting a stray feather around and through his fingers* I couldn’t. *glances over at Laziel* He’s the first thing I remember. He’s always been in my life. How I got there, he’s never said.
Laz:       *diverting his gaze from where his fingers are playing through strands of Lachi’s hair he looks to Crystal and smiles.* I could tell you, but then where would be the fun in that. Suffice to say, Azarian is mine in more ways than one. There is nothing that I wouldn’t do to keep him safe…Nothing. If you really do need to know, then maybe in the next book it might become a little clearer as to how we came to be as one.


Crystal:    It is strange to see a vampire and an angel together, how do you make that work?  Are there a lot of issues from the people in your separate races
Lachi:     *growling* My council expects me to mate a female vampire and procreate. Not fuckin’ happening, but they keep pushing. They don’t know about us. None of their damned business. *slides his hand up and down the angel’s thigh fighting the savagery of his nature*
Laz:    *Leans in and gently nips the vampire’s ear* Shhh calm down big boy…You can work through all this anger later….On me. *Grins* Sadly, Crystal I am the last of my race, the Seraphim angels. I only answer to the Creator himself and maybe on occasion this sexy beast next to me. I don’t give a rat’s ass what people think of us. I only care that my Azarian is safe, and as long as he is in my arms and warming our bed, I’m good.
Crystal:    I noticed that you have Facebook accounts, and I just have to know.  Where you COMPLETELY
honest with your ages on there?  Or did you make yourself younger?  *raises eyebrow*
Lachi:     *chuckling* definitely younger, Facebook doesn’t have the capacity to fill my age, it would never get the angel’s right
Laziel:  Ha ha ha ha ha ha OMG Seriously, I walked this Earth when it was still cooling down. I don’t think
there’s enough room on the page for the amount of numbers I’d need to write my age.


Crystal:    Do you think that JT and VL did a good job telling your story?  And you can be honest here; don’t worry about what they will say after the interview.
Lachi:     *eyes the two females* Yeah, they did good. We sure didn’t make it easy for them. I think I heard them say it was like pulling werewolf teeth?
Laziel: Hmmm…To a point yes, but there is only so much information a person can take. As much as we love VL and JT I don’t think either of them could handle the immensity of love that a celestial’s heart holds…No one could. *Looks away*


Crystal:    If there was one thing you could change about your story, what would it be?
Lachi:     *growls again and gives the angel a glare* No one would take what’s mine. Ever.
Laziel:    *Swallows hard and pushes back the rise of emotion* Fate is a funny thing, Crystal my love. We have to let it play its hand. But, at the same time, Karma is a wonderful thing. Fate’s bitch pill if you like. It has a habit of biting those that wrong you and making them pay. I can’t wait for karma to take the beast by the leash and exact its vengeance on Darklon’s sad ass. I should have done in the fucker centuries ago!


Crystal:   Why are manhole covers round? (Yes this is a serious question.)
Lachi:     *chuckling* I answered this last time for J.T. Tight, dark, wet round holes are made to be explored.
Laz:    *Growls and pulls Lachi to his feet* On that note, Crystal darling, we’ll bid ya farewell. I have just the right sized hole for what you’re offering handsome, only right now it’s achingly empty and needs to be stretched wide and filled to the brim! *Winks and gives a wave to Crystal as he gets hoisted over Lachi’s broad back.* Thanks lovie…We’ll catch up soon I promise…When I can walk straight!



After a lifetime of reading and at the suggestion of friends, J.T. finally put fingers to keys and started writing her own stories. It’s been a wildly amazing ride full of tears, exhilaration and plain old hard work. Thankfully, her three beautiful children support her craziness and encourage her to continue something she loves. While she does write solo stories, she thrives on the work she does with V.L. Moon, her writing partner and fiance. What a small world it is indeed Mr. Disney when a small town girl from Alabama can find and write with a big city girl from England. What a ride it has been and continues to be!

V.L. is an avid book reader and a lover of long dark winter nights tucked up with a rather fruity glass of red and her partner in crime J. T. Cheyanne. She aspires to conquer the world with J.T. and their love of vampires, angels and wolves mixed in with some mighty fine Gods and a deluge of hot gay romance.

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