This is Forever, By S.A. Price

The one woman Winter Tulane loved and lost is back, and he is determined to have her again, gracing his bed, filling his days and owning his heart. A joint tour with both 13 Shades of Red and her band, Strange Angels, is not the most
optimal way to get her back, what with the actual working and pitfalls of the road to contend with, but Winter is determined to show her that what they had was good… and could be again.
Lola Cavendish harbors a secret she is desperate to keep from the one man she still wants and needs in her life. True, the joint tour with his band was her idea, but having an issue such as she does is not conducive to rekindling an affair. Taking drastic measures to ensure a reunion is the only way she can be certain she achieves her end game.

But the lives they both lead could stop a reunion before it starts. When past mistakes surface, it will take more than forgiveness to bring them together.

Authors Note: THIS IS A PARANORMAL TITLE, involving a sexy time demon, a girl cursed and a whole lot of smexy. Rating NC 17, M for Mature, L for Language and S for sexual situations. 
To say that I had been waiting for this book is a complete understatement.  I think that I had messaged the author quite a few times wanting to find out when the book was going to be released.  Well I do have to say that the wait?   COMPLETELY WORTH IT!!!
If you follow me, then you know that I am a complete paranormal junkie, I love them all!  When it comes to some of my favorite books?  I do have to say that S.A. Price’s 13 Shades of Red series is one of my all-time favorites because even though the books are paranormal, they aren’t all about that.  Read the books and you will know what I mean!  😉
In this book we finally get to Winter’s story, and if you have read the previous books, you NEED to read this one.  If you haven’t read the other books, what are you waiting for?  I completely enjoyed Winter’s character because he is portrayed as, what I would consider, a normal rock star.  He goes after women, uses them for what he wants and tosses them aside.  But you can tell there is something special about him, not just his power, and it makes you cheer for him to find his happiness.
Lola’s character is just as amazing because she knows the score with Winter. She still accepts him given his past and I thought that was really great on his part.  You could tell the chemistry that was happening between the two of them, and I loved how they still resisted it.  While I did like Lola’s character, there were some points of the book that I wanted to smack her; especially when it came to the secret that she was hiding.
The story line itself was something that is completely different from the rock and roll books that are out now.  So don’t read this book if you are expecting an instant undying love between the two characters.  They have REAL issues that they deal with, and on top of that they each have their special “gifts” that they bring to the story as well.
Overall, I would completely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a REAL read, and is looking for a book they can’t put down!
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