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Arrogant womanizer Kyle Manchester hates blind dates; however, when best friend, Brad calls in a favor, insisting Kyle take out his girlfriend’s sister, Kyle reluctantly agrees. Attorney Lanie Carmichael’s appearance is no surprise. She is dowdy, awkward, and dressed in so many layers she resembles a wedding cake, but not in an edible way. Her brazen attitude though, astonishes him, especially when she explains she has no interest in gorgeous Kyle. Lanie Carmichael is in love with Brad, and wants Kyle’s assistance in winning his best friend’s heart.
Kyle gradually accepts, justifying that the mystery of Lanie has sparked his natural, thirsty curiosity. As an ambitious journalist, he also can’t resist the Pulitzer worthy scoop she offers him. However, as Lanie sheds more layers, both emotionally and physically, Kyle begins to examine his life choices, and his true feelings for this enigmatic girl. With
Kyle’s support, Lanie begins to unravel the secrets of her past, and the deep pain that has quietly defined her life. As they each learn more about themselves and each other, both question how a relationship built on fraudulent lies between two broken people could ever survive.
This book was like a strange combination of Pygmalion, The Ugly Duckling and Rocky the Movie.  Well, except there’s no boxing, but the heroine definitely had an Adrian in an over-sized sweater feel to her.
Kyle is a womanizer.  He doesn’t date, but agrees to set up on a blind date by his best friend as a favor.  Lanie is totally not his type, either.  She’s frumpy and buried under so many layers he can barely see her. Little does he know that Lanie never meant for it to be a date, more like a business meeting where she enlists his help in winning the heart of his best friend, Brad, who also happens to be dating her sister.  Kyle accepts Lanie’s proposition, and throughout the course of the story is made to examine how he feels about his own life and also his growing feelings for Lanie.
This was an original and quirky story.  I found myself getting sucked into it, alternately laughing at something funny that happened or intently reading to see what was going to happen next.  I could tell from the beginning that Kyle was not what he thought he was, which was a dog.  He is actually a deep and caring person, and I think it just took someone who took him out of his comfort zone in order for him to realize that he wasn’t really happy.  And Lanie…there’s something about her that makes you feel a kinship.  I think nearly every woman has had a crush on a man that she feels invisible to.  The difference with Lanie is that she takes action, and as she slowly peels back her layers and finds that she doesn’t want what she thinks she wants.  It’s a sweet story, and I have to say that while a bit predictable in parts, it’s well-written and engrossing, and it leaves you with a happy feeling in your heart.  4 stars for me!
Lanie and Cassie are sisters but not even close to being friends.  Cassie is awful to Lanie; she constantly tells her how she’s not pretty etc.  And if that’s not bad enough, their mom is the same way.
Cassie is dating Brad whom Lanie is in love with.  She decides to ask Brads best friend Kyle to be in a fake relationship with her to make Brad jealous and to teach her how to be with a man.  Unbeknownst to her…Kyle is falling for her.
I love the way that the author wove the story lines together and really developed the characters so that you knew them and cared about them.   I hope that the author is planning a follow up book for either Cassie or Brad and to check in on Kyle and Lanie.  I want to know the rest of their stories.
This is my debut novel, and I’m thrilled to share it with you.  I describe myself as a hopeless romantic in a hopelessly pragmatic world. By day, I don a magic cape, calculator (sometimes an abacus), and an assortment of gel pens for my work in the world of finance. But by night, I sit by the warm glow of my computer monitor, and think of stories that will warm the heart, and cheer the soul.
There is nothing better than the intimate journey and ultimate satisfaction that only a swoon-worthy romance can provide, especially if there are a few laughs along the way.  Although writing is my passion, I am a reader first and enjoy nothing more than curling up with a good book and some tasty Italian (the food, of course!). I hope you will enjoy my work and please drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.

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